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How To Become A Digital Nomad

How To Become A Digital Nomad
August 29, 2021

How to be a digital nomad is one of the most common inquiries we get from new community members. People see photographs of people working remote working jobs sitting on a white sand beach, laptop in hand, earning money on social media, and wonder how they can do the same. As a result, we devised a preliminary guide to assist you in locating ways to be location-independent.


Home-based work isn't as easy as lounging by the pool with a computer on your lap and working on your tan. To get the correct revenue stream flowing, you'll need to put in a lot of effort, and you'll need even more dedication to keep it continuing. It's all too tempting to put off work to go exploring, so keep focused and disciplined to reach your deadlines and stay on track.


Because you might be living in a rural place or a country with little infrastructure, you'll have to get creative with the things you need to work on. Even if you have to seek out a dark, dingy café that is the only location on the island with the Internet, the remote jobs from home lifestyle is highly gratifying, even if it is less glamorous than some of those photographs.


The thing about the digital nomad jobs lifestyle is that there isn't exactly a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Because everyone has a unique combination of abilities and variable levels of professional or job experience, some of you may be able to skip a few steps. In contrast, others may need to do a little extra legwork at the start.


While there is no one path to this approach, we've developed this guide with novices in mind or those who are just getting started with the location-independent movement.


What is a digital nomad?

Let's start by defining what it means to be a digital nomad. The phrase "digital nomad" is used to describe a wide range of independent location workers, from those with passive income streams to those that roam about and work in the gig economy. You may discover more about the location-independent movement and how modern nomads came to be by clicking here.


All digital nomads have one thing in common: they frequently spend several months each year abroad, are constantly on the move, and earn money while working remote jobs online. In Southeast Asia, a digital nomad can easily earn $12,000 per year and live a comfortable lifestyle in locations like Thailand or Bali.

If you take that same digital nomad to London, Paris, or Sydney, things won't go well. Location independence refers to nomads' actual freedom due to solid salaries that allow them to conduct business from any city on the earth, including the most expensive.


The goal is to become a digital nomad so you could work and travel throughout the world, regardless of how much money you can make from remote employment. The Location Indie community has a wealth of tools and suggestions from fellow nomads to help you develop your location-independent existence and provide you advice on attaining higher levels of location independence.


Let's start by going over the stages of being a digital nomad.


Five steps to becoming a digital nomad:

Because there is no road to becoming a digital nomad, the steps below are intended to serve as general suggestions. You may be able to skip on a few steps or have to restart a few times, but with a bit of patience and determination, you can succeed!


Join a digital nomad community.

Forums and Facebook groups make it simple to reach out to nomad groups or specific nomads you respect for guidance or feedback. You gain access to like-minded people who are ready to kick some ass and take over the planet.

Communities are here to congratulate you on your accomplishments and encourage you when you hit a roadblock.

Members of the community can teach you new skills or provide you with advice on working online or finding a new home base.


Become a freelancer.

You'll need to find a job once you've figured out what abilities you have that will allow you to work remotely. Scanning freelancing websites is probably the simplest way to achieve this. Fortunately, there is now a massive number of freelance websites in India that only post small or location-independent jobs.

These sites allow you to search for employment by industry or expertise. While the most prevalent occupations are often technology-related, such as programming and design, plenty of customer service and support positions are available. Writing, editing, and transcribing jobs are also great for good communicators but lack solid technical abilities.


Reduce expenses.

The first step to the procedure of becoming a digital nomad is to recognize which aspects of your life bind you to a single location. The primary issue that needs to be addressed is long-term leases on residences or vehicles. You'll also start cutting costs like gym memberships and subscription services to free up money for the items you need when traveling.

Being a digital nomad usually entails traveling light, so you'll want to eliminate any clutter or material items that don't add value to your life.


Now is also an incredible time to pay down any debts or set up payment plans for them. The high interest rates on credit cards should be paid off as quickly as possible.

If you have student loan debt, you can set up a payment plan or open a separate account for your payments so that you don't have to worry about depleting your money while on vacation. You could consider selling out your car if you have one. Remember that you won't use it in the long run, and you'll save even more money in the short run by not having to pay for gas, maintenance, registration, or insurance.


Recognize your skills.

The first step is to determine what skills you have that may be used to make money on digital nomad websites. You'll need to be able to type, as well as operate a computer and the Internet. The brighter side is that many people already have that competence in today's world.

You can improve your chances of securing higher-paying remote work by using information and abilities from previous studies or projects.


The majority of digital nomads begin by looking for remote work or online freelance platforms to supplement their income. You'll need to determine whether you'll turn your initial source of revenue into a more significant business or if you'll find multiple similar occupations to combine to create extra money once you've secured your first source of income.

Your position will differ based on your skills, experience, and willingness to put yourself out there, take risks, and possibly fail.


Figure out where you want to live.

You'll need to acquire housing or, at the absolute least, figure out what kind of accommodations you want once you've chosen a place. If you're a social butterfly afraid of being alone after you leave home, start by staying in a hostel or co-op where you may quickly meet new people.

Maybe you'd rather be alone or have a peaceful area to retire to. In such a situation, Airbnb is a terrific alternative because you may rent complete apartments for a month or a fixed period and have your own space.


Hotels and homestays are excellent options if you wish to make use of additional services.

You'll also have no trouble finding locals who can provide you with advice about your new property. Whatever you opt for, keep in mind that you now have complete freedom to mix it up and change your accommodations whenever you choose.

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