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OnBenchMark is a Virtual Network of Businesses & Freelancers to Get/Post Jobs/Projects, Create Virtual Teams and Deploy/Get Bench/Idle Resources without Restriction & Commission.
Sanjeev Sinha Parintek Innovations

OnBenchMark is at the heart of successful business needs for Global market from resourcing perspective. Their deep insights into market enable us to achieve business goals.

Rishabh Parmar Indigital Tech USA

OnBenchMark has a unique concept of creating Virtual Team. Sharing Resources and On-Demand resourcing from global market is helping us in big way for our Just-In-Time hiring needs.

Karen Bailey Freelancer

OnBenchMark has created a real liberal platform unlike other famous freelancing platforms, who doesn't allow us to communicate with our clients. Its more of like a social media for me with added bonus of work

Nina Lee Digital Nomad

OnBenchMark is fresh breath among the cluttered freelancing platforms with similar kind limitations and control. Creating Virtual Team is a great feature and has helped me to become a global resource

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