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Digital Nomads - Expectation Vs Realty

Digital Nomads - Expectation Vs Realty
June 16, 2021

Living a nomadic life is not easy yet it is fun and for some, it is the best decision of their life. If traveling is what entices you then a digital nomad as a career option is not bad for you. It is all about traveling and working at the exotic places of the world like work from hills, work from beaches, work from mountains, work from villages, or work from remote places. Some find it exciting to meet new people and to know their culture and make friends. But only the working nomads know what is the exact reality behind the rosy glasses and it differs from our expectations.



Why are digital nomads trending?

Digital nomads are a new trend among youngsters who want a lifestyle away from friends and family and traveling, exploring, and meeting new people is what challenges them the most. This trend came to light due to the recent Covid19 pandemic as the entire corporate environment is shifted to remote working culture. Many companies like TCS, Twitter, PayPal, and Uber are now thinking of making this a permanent work culture as this saves the company expenses which was heavy to bear for many big and small scale companies every year.




Beyond 2021 for digital nomad

We must acknowledge that digital nomads are a new normal, and here comes the stats to support the Claim.


  •  Early 90s freelancing culture started gaining momentum and companies started shifting employees to remote working jobs.
  • There would be 1 Billion people will be working as gig workers in the next 10 years and nearly 25% of people will be working as digital nomads across the globe.
  • Digital Nomads is one of the biggest growing communities across the globe.


Let’s bring some facts to the table to get you acquainted with the common expectation about the digital nomad life and the myths about them.

Before you hop to buy a fancy ticket to an unknown island and assume you will also get the work as per your choice, hold on, to give you a dose of reality we advise you to don’t make a hasty decision, think and plan before you step out.


Working from a cozy hotel bed!

Well a lot of us see digital nomads must be enjoying their work from a cozy hotel bed anytime they want. But that’s not the reality. Working from bed needs a lot of effort to get into the working mode. Hence a lot of digital nomads use co-working space to finish their project on time and also they get to see the place around. For example on weekdays in Bali which is a known community hangout destination for nomads gets full coworking spaces and one of the cheapest places to live and work at the same time.


More free time!

It is quite easy to assume digital nomads get plenty of free time whereas it is challenging to motivate yourself to work, especially when you’re away from home. It also becomes hectic to plan the schedule and yet get some time to relax and enjoy the vacation.

So work is the most important thing for the nomads as if they get good pay off only then they can plan their future trips and this leaves them with little time for leisure activities. Many freelancers also search for holiday employment to get instant work proposals


Maximum Productivity!

Arriving at a new place and getting started with work is not always easy. Many nomads especially if you are a newbie then it may take you some time to settle and get into the working mode. Initially, no one is productive but soon once you are settled you can expect good results and ways to make yourself more productive. There are various apps to help you organize your work.



Many freelancers think of switching as a nomad just because they assume digital nomad jobs are well-paid jobs and they enjoy ultra-luxurious lifestyles. However, the reality is that digital nomads also work hard to earn that extra money to fund their trips. They don’t always stay inexpensive hotels, resorts but rather prefer a shared or a cheaper hotel so that they can stay longer if required to complete their assignments. If you are just starting a nomadic lifestyle make sure you have enough bank balance to support your trip initially as it may take some time to generate an expected level of income. Working as a freelancer or as digital nomads is not always gives you a regular income as they are always working on temporary assignments and you hardly get long term work and you have to continue to look for part-time remote jobs or freelancing jobs and side projects to give you basic financial support in a new location or a country.


Friends, Family & Food!

Leaving your loved ones to follow your long-time interest as a digital nomad is not something that comes so easily and so many people leading a solo life is also challenging. A lot of beginners think that they will make a lot of friends in a new country but that’s not the reality. It is quite difficult to get acquainted with new people due to language and trust barriers. Still, you can make professional connections with your fellow digital nomads on the circle, and exploring international events and conferences is a good idea to connect with many people. You may also not get the food of your preferred taste because of a change of culture and food habits. Digitals nomads may always miss friends, family, and food as you may always not get the best out of everything.


Many people can react to these expectations and the reality and many who are aspiring to be one can also plan their journey and nothing should stop you from achieving your future goals. You can check one of the best digital nomad websites like OnBenchMark.com where you can easily get the desired work without any commissions and bidding and directly connects with employers.


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