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Find Clients & Sell Bench or Get IT Projects

OnBenchMark is a talent marketplace to Sell /Deploy your Bench employees on contract to global clients and expand your business avenues. Your full-time resources will be an asset for you and you can sell or deploy talent on bench for rent or lease on contractual basis for Contractual jobs or short term project needs.

Reduce your sales cost by upto 60% by utilizing OnBenchMark services and increase your marketreach to global clients. Maximizing resource utilization for better resource management tomaximize your profit. One stop shop for getting work for your full-time employees or get projectsfrom global clients. You can be a buyer or seller of resources on-contract or part-time from samelogin. Hire & Deploy bench resources or freelancers according to your business needs.

Contract Job Requirements

Quick glance on some of the top skills our partners are hiring.

Talent Marketplace to Reduce Sales cost by 60%

Sell your Bench

Sell or Deploy your bench on contract to global clients

Direct connect with Clients

Connect directly with clients & get business

Get IT projects

Get IT project from global clients & grow business

Post your Bench

Post your unlimited bench & get clients

Power of Networking

Join the network community of IT companies

Zero Commission

Generate business at zero commission

How it works

Join the biggest talent marketplace to hire, sell, or deploy bench resources on-Contract or get projects. Get connected to biggest community of global IT companies to expand business, generate revenue & increase profitability.


Join the Communty of IT Companies & expand business prospects

Upload Bench

Upload unlimited bench to showcase your available Bench

Search Open Job/Projects

Search for open jobs & projects to deploy bench on contract

Connect Directly with Clients

Connect directly with clients to sell/deploy your bench on contract or get projects

For Bench Employers

Find the best talent for your full-time, part-time, contract, internship, or freelance jobs in any location.

Reduce Bench resource Loss

Reduce bench resource loss and no need to worry about increased size of bench. Get projects for your Bench within 2 days

Increase Profitability

Increased profitability by deploying more & more bench resources on contract with global Clients

Reduce Sales Cost

Reduce your sales cost by 60% by connecting to 1000s of clients at single platform without worrying about connecting new clients every day

Increase your Network

Join the biggest network of IT companies and hire or deploy resources or get projects. Collaborate & grow together.

Why OnBenchMark?

Talent Market Place

Biggest B2B talent marketplace to hire or deploy resources on-contract or part-time

Collaborate & Grow

Collaboration is the only way to grow as you can’t grow in isolation. Lets collaborate & join the IT Business community

AI Enabled Matching

Post your bench & our AI enabled matching algorithm will connect you to right cleints for staff augmentation

Deploy on-Contract

Deploy your bench resources on-Contract in just 2 days without investing anything extra on sales cost.

Connect directly with Clients

If you have the bench resources for Contract, you can connect directly with clients and reduce your sales cost by 60%

Hire Freelancers & Create Virtual Team

Hire Resources on Contract or part-time & create your Virtual Team. Become a buyer & seller of resources in one login

Hire top talent or get hired for your dream job

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