Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the registration fee at OnBenchMark.com?

    You can register for free as a Business or as a Freelancer. It’s an open platform, you don’t need to pay any fee at the time of registration and not even after registration.

  • Does OnBenchMark charges any commission if any freelancer gets a project?

    No, OnBenchMark does not charge any commission even if you get a project or job. OBM is No Bidding, No Commission Online website to hire freelancers or get freelance work. It a open platform for for Freelancers & Businesses who may have Bench Employees or Unutilized resources

  • Is there any payment guarantee given by OnBenchMark from the Client?

    No, OnBenchMark does not provide any guarantee for any payment. You have to deal with the Client directly and work at your terms and conditions.

  • Does OnBenchMark restrict client or freelancer to communicate with each other?

    No, OBM does not restrict any of its registered users to communicate with its Clients or candidates nor it signs any agreement with any of the party for any such restriction in communication. Freelancers can be contacted directly and the Clients also can be contacted directly. But OBM also given an option to its Registered user to get contacted either by email, phone or Internal chat. If you chose Internal Chat then none of your contact details will be displayed it to anybody

  • Is there any preferred mode of communication provided by OnBenchMark?

    OnBenchMarkdoes give access to the Internal Chat to communicate with Client or Freelancer and it also shares Email ID or Phone Number or both if the other party have chosen to share there contact details

  • How to search for Freelancers?

    Freelancers can be searched at OnBenchMark.com once you complete your registration at OnBenchMark.com.

  • What are the different locations from where Jobs/Project is been posted at OnBenchMark?

    OnBenchMark is a global platform and it does not restrict any of its users to post any Job/Project from across the globe

  • Which all locations can Freelancer post there profile?

    Since it’s a global platform any freelancer/Digital Nomad/Gig Worker/Remote Worker can post the profile from any part of the world.

  • If I have registered as Business, will my bench resource name and my contact details will be displayed to any user?

    No, System will assign a code for each of your bench resource/Unutilized resource and nobody can directly connect with your Bench Employee/unutilized resource. Only Business SPOC, whose email ID and contact details can connect with a potential Freelancer, client or for Bench Deployment opportunities.

  • If I don’t have the bench resources/Unutilized resource/Idle resource, may I still hire some other company's bench resources/ Unutilized resources/idle resources?

    Yes you can connect with any other company to hire there bench Employees/ Unutilized Employees /Idle Employees on contract. OnBenchMark does not charges any commission or hiring fee to get those resources on contract

  • What kind of Job or Projects I can search for ?

    OnBenchMark is variety of Job opportunities that includes skills like Web Designing, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, .Net, Java, PHP, Data Science, Python, SAP, Oracle Apps, DBA, Data Entry, Copy Writing etc. It also have Non IT Jobs like Fashion & apparel Jobs, Health & Fitness Jobs, Engineering & Design Jobs, Accounting & Finance Jobs, Travel & Tourism Jobs