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Sharing of Resource

Sharing of Resource

An Open Platform for On-Demand Resourcing and Just-In-Hiring. One-stop solution for Contractual, Part-Time, Temporary Flexible Hiring Needs. Free Job Posting & Free Project Posting. Deploy Bench Resources / Bench Employees/ Unutilized Resources/ Idle Resources for onsite or Offsite projects.

Hire Freelancers, Gig Workers, Digital Nomads for contract hiring needs. Hire Virtual Assistants, Work from Home, Remote Working & Part-Time professionals without any commission and restriction to communicate with Clients or Freelancers.

Create Virtual Teams without having any liability for full-time employment. No bidding of projects or depositing of project cost, unlike other freelancing sites.

Autonomy fo Freelancers

Autonomy for Freelancers

Free platform for Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remote workers, Gig workers to get freelance work, Freelance Project, Gig work & Job opportunities. Zero commission and Zero Restriction Freelancing Website with complete autonomy unlike other Freelancing sites.

Get connected directly with Clients or fellow Freelancers from across the globe and become a real freelancer with global exposure. Complete Autonomy being Freelancer by getting away from all the restrictions.

Stop working alone and create your Virtual Team and create a Team of your own to target for bigger projects and grow as a Freelancer from just being an Individual contributor to a Team.

Get work on various categories like Information Technology to Finance, Sales & Marketing, Apparel & Fashion, Engineering & Design, Education, Writing & Edition, Health Wellness & Fitness, Life Coach/Trainer & Human Resource etc.

Networked Business Community

Here at OnBenchMark we have created a Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) or network community of companies to share bench or unutilized resources as enabling them to operate as if they had more resources and capacity than they actually have.

The idea of virtual enterprise network (VEN) is meant to establish a dynamic community by the synergetic combination of dissimilar companies with different core competencies, thereby forming a best of everything consortium to perform a given business project to achieve maximum degree of customer satisfaction. Future winning enterprises will excel at inter-organizational collaboration as they evolve successful joint strategies and drive the development and cost optimization.


Workforce-as-a-Service (WaaS) is a concept where companies can use their employees based on their business needs. The workforce can be scaled up or down to match the requirements and prevent losses in the event of no sufficient work for employees.

OnBenchMark WaaS services provide an online marketplace for companies to manage a different kind of gig workers like consultants, contractors, remote workers, part-time workers, digital nomads, freelancers and work from home professionals. Companies that need immediate skilled workers for a short period of time enjoy unique advantages with the WaaS model.

WaaS is a self-service model through which allows companies to quickly find and meet the hiring requirements of their projects.

WaaS is a business process crowdsourcing, which can easily satisfy the changing demands of a business. It provides a very secure platform to companies where they can have seamless delivery of well-qualified and in-demand professionals delivered to them in the shortest time.

Flexi Staffing

Flexi staffing is continuously proving to be one of the best decisions taken by industry leaders with growing uncertainties Flexible staffing is the right decision for Just-In-Time hiring.

Flexi staffing not only reduces the need for employees working overtime and meeting deadlines but is also linked with low legal costs for them.

OnBenchMark’s Flexi staffing services also have the potential to be among the highest key job-creation engines. It makes the business to leverage the subcontracting models without creating headcounts for short term requirements. Along with the lower cost of maintaining the workforce, there is no cost associated with the termination of employees. Flexi staffing has been globally accepted and is contributing a lot to Gig Economy.

Flexible staffing options are helping businesses adjust quickly and efficiently to high and low production demands.Flexi staffing is already existed for long but solutions like OnBenchMark will help you to achieve smoothly with no additional cost.

Create Virtual Teams

Stop working alone and create your Virtual Team and create a Team of your own to target for bigger projects and grow as a Freelancer from just being an Individual contributor to a Team.

Not only Freelancers but even Businesses can also create Virtual Teams and Freelancers can also be hired as a flexible workforce by being part of Virtual Teams. Geographical boundaries will no longer be a hindrance to hiring resources for Just-in-Time hiring. 

Businesses & Freelancers no longer need to have a long term contract but can work on fixed-term contracts with the possibility of repeat business.

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