About Us

Business Made Easy

As a business, our growth is dependent on the resource we get and often we won’t get the right resource at the right time and the right cost. OnBenchMark helps you to get the resources just in time as per your demand without keeping any liability for a long. Businesses can also deploy Bench/Idle resources to other Businesses to reduce bench resource loss. Businesses can Post Jobs/Projects and get Contractors from a bigger pool of Freelancers and Bench Resources.  Businesses can create a Virtual Team to avoid searching for resources during surge time


Freelancers face a lot of restrictions in communication with clients and paying heavy commissions at a freelancing website. OnBenchMark helps Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remote workers, Gig workers to work in a free environment without any restriction on communication with clients and without charging any commission from project deliveries. Freelancers can even connect with like minded freelancers and create your own virtual team and act as a company without a company.

Virtual Team

You can’t be an expert on every required skill and you need a team to grow! OnBenchMark helps Businesses/ Digital Nomads/Freelancers to create your Virtual Team to execute any project or task without having any geographical boundaries.  Digital Nomads and Freelancers will no longer be working as just an Individual contributor. Businesses will no longer require to hire full-time employees. They can have a Virtual Team that spreads across the globe and available 24X7 with no additional liability of monthly salary.