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Now many people prefer to work on freelancing projects in India. These self-employed people like to work in a remote location and at their convenient time. The individual freelance worker takes contract work from any company or client. They can work on different projects at a time as per their capability. This freelance work has more flexibility and freedom of location, time, workload, and profits.

The advantage of freelancing work is numerous but the scope of getting new works is also very limited. All the leading freelancing websites are already crowded with self-employed people as the competition is too high. OnBenchMark comes with an excellent option for freelancing projects in India and offshore. The freelancers don’t need to undergo any bidding process. They can apply for any job free of cost. All they need to do is upload their resume with all the credentials. Finally, they have to apply for the job. The clients will check the resume and shortlist the freelancers. After an interview session; you can start working on the project.

OnBench Mark gives you the financial security regarding payment. The client has to secure the payment before they start working and we will release the payment only after the approval from both sides. There are all the leading and secured payment gateways available for the convenience of both domestic and international users.

The freelancers can work either on an hourly basis or on contract with the clients. Before you start to Find Freelance Jobs, you need to understand what types of jobs are available and how much you are comfortable working with them. We have jobs on our website for almost every industry related to web service. You can also get all the design, development and marketing industry-specific jobs like IT, medical, tourism, and infrastructure. We are working with the leading names in the industry. So, you will get good exposure to different types of works in your domain.

OnBench Mark has different types of jobs like a one-time, hourly, contract, and fixed payment. Our finance team handles all the billing hours and invoices so that you can get the payment without any delay.

Our website is very user-friendly. You can easily browse the jobs and filter them by different criteria. You can quickly find the most matched jobs for your profile on our website and track them without any hassle.

OnBench Mark has made the job to find freelance jobs easy both for newcomers and experienced people. If you design your profile with all the details; then it will be easy for the clients to understand your potential. That’s why, we suggest adding all the previous work experiences, eligibility, certification and skillsets in detail to maximize your chance to win the project.

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