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YouTube Has Changed The Education Game For The New Generation

YouTube Has Changed The Education Game For The New Generation
January 25, 2021

YouTube Has Changed The Education Game For The New Generation

There was a time when Youtube was all about animal videos, songs, and some more entertainment! When this Google-owned platform introduced Youtube, it hardly was competitive, let alone an avenue where people will earn and learn. Nobody thought that Freelance Online Gig workers will ever benefit from Youtube. But with the change of times and sudden spike of digitalisation and globalisation, video platforms took a different turn. The younger generation made Youtube one of the most significant learning avenues that Ivy League colleges and renowned universities worldwide collaborate and incorporate Youtube in their curriculum. 


YouTube broke the barriers of the traditional education system while living within a box of pixels. It’s proven that knowledge is everywhere, and it should not be restricted to one certain norm. True, students have benefited from this avenue more than anyone else in education and growth. But we can’t deny that with the increase in Online Freelancers nowadays, people are more equipped and upskilled due to Youtube. It’s a great social media platform for sharing your online gig work and learning something new like a skill, or on your passion from teachers and experts of all around the world. Freelance entrepreneurs are the ones who are happily benefiting from Youtube while working, earning through their passion.


No more four walls of a classroom

Let’s be honest! We have all complained about our classrooms a lot. One of the most redundant complaints were the same routine and the same four walls of the school. We all have wished if there was a way to just go beyond our textbooks and learn something else, something we have our interests in! And God has heard our prayers! (More rightly to say, the inventors have heard our prayers!) The boom of cheap internet has completely changed every aspect of our lives, and education couldn’t stay away from the change.




Whether you want to learn cooking, study a specific course on physics, or even a course on UI/UX Design, just write it on the search engine and click “Enter”. Voila! Welcome to the new world of learning! And this boosted people just to leave the mundane drama of 9-5, learn something erratically new and jump into doing it, enjoying and earning while being a freelance entrepreneur.


But the question comes, why people prefer Youtube over Traditional classrooms?

The answer is simple. Here, rather than experts, you get to learn from people who are like you. They show the realness, and how’s it’s difficult to start from scratch. People are always afraid, but once they see and feel that they are not alone, they felt like to engage more, learn more and do more. Youtube has made one quote their motto that anyone can be a teacher, a guide only when they truly learn on their own! People are unique, and so does their wants and needs. Because of Youtube, now, people can focus on their uniqueness and not be a part of the sheep’s flock!

And for freelancers, the ones who rule their own life, this is like a God-gifted boon for them. Youtube equips them with knowledge beyond we can even imagine.


YouTube, a God-like platform, answers to every question you can imagine! 

Humans are the most curious beings! The regular inventions and discoveries are the most prominent markers that Humans’ thirst for knowledge is never-ending. Whether it’s a difficultquestion like if life is possible in Neptune or a simple question like why Ocean has tides, Youtube is your world of answers. Freelancers and online gig workers have stated that most of them have learnt about their skills through Youtube Whether it’s learning to vlogging, content writing or making DIY crafts, and painting, Youtube is your guide your teacher to know anything. Not only that, once you are somewhat learnt a bit, you can start put your content in Youtube itself. This works as a portfolio for online freelance gig workers while learning a new skill. 




Do you have a philosophical doubt? Ask Youtube now! It will show you results from books to TED Talks on that particular topic. Do you want to learn more about the new trends in designing? Search on Youtube! You will get modules and experts teaching that specific topic. 

We say God has all the answers. And how Youtube works make it no less than a God because it is a real lifesaver. 


No more holes in the pocket through YouTube’s education

Whenever we talk about education, we always round up first with finances. Traditional education is not cheap. It takes a lot of efforts financially too. This puts peoples with a pocket pinch or hailing from a difficult economic background; getting a quality education is like a dream come true. But the question is, why education, the essential fundamental of life be dictated by economy and finance? Knowledge is for everyone. And that’s how Youtube came to rescue to all those who want to learn and educate themselves, but either has no means of finance to back up their plan or has no particular schedule to follow the traditional norms of life.

Youtube doesn’t charge for viewing its content. All you need is a phone and a good Internet Connection! That’s all! 






Youtube has democratised information and increased its reach. Globalisation is no more a narrow perspective, but everyone is equal participants of this huge phenomenal change. Online Freelance workers consider Youtube as their goto teacher whenever they need help. 


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