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13 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters In 2021

13 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters In 2021
November 12, 2021

The sea of possibilities is exceptionally well-equipped when it comes to the best Chrome extensions for recruiters. Even with such a large selection, finding the best might be difficult. Being a recruiter is both a rewarding and challenging job. You're constantly dealing with and meeting new people, always on the go to try to hire the greatest staff, and always striving to better your work. Still, this can be exhausting at times, as the recruiter can hugely impact the company's success or failure, especially if it's a new one.


This is why recruiters should always be on the lookout for new trends and technologies that can make their jobs a little easier. Every recruiter has his or her unique way of hiring new employees, which implies that most of them will utilize different tools to do the same work. Technology has made the once difficult chore of finding candidates and staff much easier these days. Gone are the days of publishing job openings in the newspaper or scouring the town for potential employees.



The wonderful thing about the internet is that there is now so much information on people available that you don't need to conduct any background checks to get a sense of potential employees. You may learn more about people using the Prophet Chrome plugin, which is useful for recruiters. Prophet can tell you everything you need to know about someone just by reading their Twitter profile, including their contact details.



SalesHandy is the finest email monitoring, scheduling, store recruitment template, and email-related application. They're experts in their field. So if you're a recruiter or a business owner looking to start an email campaign to find great workers, you're in good hands.


Unlimited read receipts, automated email follow-ups, team email templates, email scheduling, and more are just a few of the features available. With SalesHandy, which has now branded its services as a Chrome extension, you may access all of these capabilities. As a recruiter, you'll be able to tell when a candidate is reading your emails and whether or not they've clicked on the links you've included.

You can figure out who is interested in your offer and who isn't based on this information.


You can also use SalesHandy's email campaign tool if you're reaching out to a large number of candidates at once. You can use an email campaign to target people who are qualified for your job openings. You may use SalesHandy to notify potential candidates about a specific job vacancy, follow up with them efficiently, foster relationships, and hire from the top talent pools.


Lead connect

LeadConnect helps you automate your LinkedIn routine, which makes it a superb Sales Acceleration Tool. It allows you to produce high-quality leads from LinkedIn by automating the search of tens of thousands of relevant people, service suppliers, and potential clients. LeadConnect for LinkedIn can boost your sales team's efficiency by automating lead creation chores and allowing them to focus completely on contact with warm prospects.

You can send connection invites, personalized greetings, and auto-follow-ups to people with just a few clicks.


Recruiter follow

Recruiterflow is a full-featured CRM with a Chrome extension for recruiters. Recruiterflow allows you to source candidates from a number of sources with a single click. Recruiterflow allows you to publish positions on different job boards, track candidates, and manage your clients all in one place. Capterra and Softwareadvice presently rank it as the best recruiting CRM in the world.


Hello Talent

Rather than waiting for people to apply for their employment, recruiters must frequently be proactive, that is, go out and look for them. Hello, Talent is a Chrome extension that allows you to find fresh prospects from all around the world. You may view their profile, turn on the extension, and you're done!


Clearbit connect

What is the single most critical tool you can give a recruiter? Of course, you'll need a good database of people! The Clearbit Connect Chrome extension gives you access to one of the world's best and most comprehensive databases. After you install the extension, you'll have fast access to the data of millions of people and businesses. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to get information about the people who are texting you and locate an email address without ever leaving your inbox.



Discover.ly is another amazing Chrome addon for personal information. This software claims to be able to display contact information for persons you locate on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Install the extension, and it will automatically know when to show you the information you require. Discover.ly is a fantastic tool for job seekers, recruiters, and salespeople.


Amazing hiring

The AmazingHiring Chrome extension is one of the greatest free sourcing applications available, allowing you to check your prospects' social footprint as well as their professional past. The plugin is simple to use and focuses on the profiles of professionals such as front-end developers, back-end developers, Android and iOS developers, scientists, engineers, and others. With AmazingHiring, you'll be able to find whoever you're looking for.


One tab

Nothing is more annoying than an overworked browser with a congested tab bar. When you're doing a lot of things at once, situations like this happen. All you have to do with One Bar is click on the icon, and the entire tab will change into a single list. It's almost magical, and it's guaranteed to work every time. You'll fall in love with it if you give it a try.



To put it another way, the Gorgias Chrome extension allows you to have several text templates at your fingertips and use them whenever and wherever you have a laptop with the browser installed. Your text templates can be inserted into Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Mail, and any other application that a recruiter uses on a regular basis.


Linkedin search tool

With this extension, the name tells it all. You may use it to search LinkedIn for people, including potential job candidates, quickly. Simply highlight the text in your browser that contains a name, then right-click the name to have the extension search LinkedIn for the individual. This is an absolute must-have for every HR professional.



Nothing is more irritating than reading an email that is riddled with minor but unprofessional grammar errors. Grammarly ensures that any text you transmit via email or text message is completely error-free. Your errors are automatically displayed, and you can right-click on them to see the corrected versions. Grammarly is available in two versions: a free version and a subscription version that costs $25 a month.


Data scraper

The Data Scraper Chrome extension, as its name implies, allows you to grab all kinds of data, including personal information, contact information, social media, and so on, from any website you visit. The information is compiled into a CSV file or an Excel sheet, which is then emailed to you in a matter of seconds. All of the information you're scraping is kept safe in a virtual environment.

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