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  • Perfect Mother and a Worker

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    July 22, 2020

    We are all in the modern era and world has faced a drastic change from the post modern period. Our lifestyle has changed. We are also seeing a change in mentality when it comes to Women empowerment. We have seen women going for work and earning for themselves and their family. The trend of being a housewife has now changed with time. Working Mom's are a new and positive trend. Thomas Hardy very rightly said, " The perfect women you see is a working women, not an idler, not a fine lady, but one who uses her hands and head and her heart for the good of other's." Going for work after having a baby is a tough decision to take and women have taken it as a challenge. 

    Mothering a child is a complicated process. It is the women who is involved more in parenting as compared to men. Women do not contemplate minutiae of motherhood and sometimes despite their best efforts, it becomes impossible to fully prepare life with the baby. It's in the minutes ticking away on their maternity leave as they navigate a bunch of daily issues that ultimately determines the general mental health and well being of a child. Motherhood is constant, demanding and exhausting at the same time.

    In the recent article by New York times, a study found that, "Women underestimate the costs of motherhood. The mismatch is biggest for those with college degrees who invest in their education and expect to maintain a career." Women who plan to return after maternity leave brace themselves for bumps. What they fail to consider at times is the perfection and balance between home and work. Given this level of pressure it's not surprising that while only 2% of the working women plan to leave the workforce for family reasons yet 43% of highly qualified women opt out on their way back to work after having a baby. Some of the best companies for Working mother's are Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Deloitte, Ernst & Young etc. These are the companies which are going extra mile in bringing a cultural shift by understanding the need of the working mothers and their families.

    Mothers re entering the working world rarely find the logistical or personal support they need to continue to thrive in a career. All the normal stress of work now revolves around the child logistics and pressure to catch up on work along with the guilt of being away in the first place. But mother's have been doing a great job and lots of them have set examples for the upcoming generation of Mother's. The latest example of a working mother is that of a lady called Ritu Rathee Taneja who is a pilot, a vlogger and a mother and there are many more mothers working as Content Writers, Web Designer, Digital Marketing, Web developer, Java Developer, PHP Developer, .NET Developers etc as the Job for these profiles are available in market and that too work from home or remote jobs . She has been doing all her work perfectly has been recently been in the news. Increasing women participation in the workforce, especially in the organised sector, has led to greater awareness about women-centric issues and policies to make the workplace a more conducive place for women. And the good news is that there are few exemplary employers, which are offering a broad array of support from flexible work and mentoring to affordable childcare and paid leave to create a culture that allows all mom employees to flourish at home and at work.

    At times women face dilemma on continuing their work and going back to office after a long break of maternity leave. Here is when remote and freelance working comes to the rescue. Remote work is a relatively new field, which means there isn’t a ton of data on its effects, especially as it relates to gender. In fact, the various reports on the topic often present contradictory findings. When people talk about women in remote work, it’s often a discussion about being a mom in remote work. But we need to be sure that we don’t equate “working women” with “working moms.” By kid 30's all the women are working Moms and at times it becomes difficult to manage the 9 to 5 job. And hence, they opt for freelance working as a content writer, event management or online tutorial. Diversity hiring is another best help for a working mother which is based on merit and is free from biases. It is basically a process where people from diverse backgrounds are are being recruited on the basis of talent acquisition. It starts with the company understanding their place in the work. An inclusive environment is being promoted where people work freely and what can be a better opportunity than this for a working mother looking for a meaningful career?

    Studies also shows that Working mothers bring in positivity in the family and a big change in the mentality of family members and the male dominating society. They are also less prone to depression and are financially independent. Also, a research on the kids of working mothers says that they are smarter as compared to others. They are more responsible and mature. At times, tiredness is common problem faced by women which is to some extent justified.

    Every single women prefers to work as they have the capability to balance both work and family. It is now very rare that a girl does not prefer to work and chooses to remain at home.