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Opportunities for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads is a growing community across the globe and these are the skilled workers who are travelling and working from anywhere. They are also freelancers but they are not staying at one location. Digital nomad’s life is always on travel and sometime they go back to their home location once in a year or may be after couple of years.

Digital Nomads finds their work through various platforms like OnBenchMark as OBM is the ONLY freelance portal which doesn’t charge any kind of commission. It provides a freedom and autonomy to freelancers which no other top freelancing portal provides and that’s why lot of qualified digital nomads prefer to get project work from OnBenchMark.

Digital Nomads

Opportunities for digital nomads are increasing day by day. Companies are ready to outsource project work for digital nomads in huge number as the corona crises has increased the remote working environment and business leaders are also accepting remote working as the way of working which has opened up immense opportunities for freelancers across the globe.

OnBenchMark is helping companies to hire digital nomads with ease and digital nomads are no longer working in isolation as individual contributors but they are also able to create their virtual teams which is helping them to grow not only as freelancers but to get access to project work in software development on various technologies like Java, .Net, PHP, React, Node JS, Python, web designing, front end development, digital marketing, SEO, content writing and many more skills where remote working is possible. Digital nomads are increasingly becoming part of the organizational workforce. Many digital nomads from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and eastern European countries like Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania etc are also in much demand. Some of the countries has eased the visa for digital nomads to welcome them in their countries. Bali in Indonesia is considered to be a hot destination for digital nomads where digital nomads from western countries like USA, UK, Canada also travelling and working as digital nomads because of low living cost and good working infrastructure

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Frequently asked questions

Digital Nomads are the freelancers who are traveling and working from anywhere and they are not staying at one location but they are working on project work from anywhere in the world.

OnBenchMark.com is a global freelancing portal and an online freelance portal to get project from global clients at zero commission. Digital nomads can upload resumes and apply for projects from across the globe. Digital nomads can directly connect with clients and can work at their terms and conditions unlike the traditional top freelancer websites which charges high commission.

OnBenchMark is providing direct connect with digital nomads and they can work with digital nomads from anywhere in the world without any restriction and commission. All the digitals and freelancers at OnBenchMark are vetted freelancer and are highly qualified to work on required skills.

Companies need to post the job for free and start directly connecting with digital nomads and can talk to them directly and evaluate them on respective skills. They can create virtual team of digital nomads or outsource project work to digital nomads.

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