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Key Skills
JavaJava8JavascriptApache Tomcat ServerLucidwors FusionApache SolrAEM

(Computer Science)
Azad Group of Educational Institutions


(Computer Science)
Azad Group of Educational Institutions



Experienced Senior Software Development Engineer adept in leading search development, building robust search solutions, and implementing enhancements for over 8 years.

Proficient in Lucidworks Fusion 3.x 4.x 5.x, Java, and various JavaScript frameworks. Skilled in requirement gathering, team building, and release management. Successfully led search development for precious clients, resulting in improved product discovery and full-text search capabilities.

Implemented multilingual search and conducted bug fixing and feature development, contributing to increased search engine optimization.

Excels in cross-functional coordination and leveraging technical expertise to integrate with various technologies for optimum performance.

Project Details
Title :MGM Resorts - MyMGM Employee Hub - Search Impl ementation
Duration :12
role and responsibileties :
  • Led the development and optimisation of search solutions using Lucidworks Fusion.
  • Integrated Lucidworks Fusion with Content Stack CMS. Implemented data connectors for diverse data sources, ensuring data quality and reliability.
  • Conducted performance tuning and relevance optimisation to enhance user satisfaction. Collaborated with cross-functional teams for custom component design.
  • Managed deployment and maintenance of Lucidworks Fusion clusters for system availability and scalability.
Description :

To index the data from multiple sources which includes Workday,ContentStack and Apache Tika parsing for microsoft related documents and manages the Lucidworks Fusion powered Search using multiple data sources like Web connectors,Amazon S3 Bucket,Oracle Service Cloud  & File system connectors for MGM and Employee HUB Search portal.
Knowledge base articles and employee's related policies and documents in MGM organization.

Title :Verizon - Lucidworks Fusion Search Enhancement & Support
Duration :12
role and responsibileties :
  • Played a key role in the successful deployment of Lucidworks Fusion to improve search functionality. Developed and maintained custom pipelines and stages for Indexing and Querying.
  • Implemented advanced query features and relevance models to enhance the user search experience. Conducted regular performance monitoring and troubleshooting for system stability.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to gather feedback and iteratively improve the search solution.
  • Implemented multiple cross-functional team search requirements.
  • Veritas Technologies - Lucidworks Fusion Search En hancement & Search, 10 Months
  • Developed sample stages on Indexing and Querying pipelines.
  • Configured Schema, SolrConfig to optimise search and Dynamic Faceting.
  • Developed Custom Connector in Java for crawling data from multiple data sources.
  • Coordinated with Business Analysts to understand current and future business rules.
  • Implemented multilingual search, bug fixing, feature development, and code refactoring.
  • Implemented Solr search components for both Internal search and Support portal.
  • STMicroelectronics Greater Noida - IEDB and CAPLA N, 38 Months
  • Coordinated with Business Analysts to understand current and future business rules.
  • Developed the front end of the Industrial Engineering Database and Capacity Planning Application using EXT-JS and Spring.
  • Conducted code refactoring, optimisations, and created sample report templates using Apache POI.
  • Developed Restful APIs for third-party vendors. Attended daily scrum meetings to provide updates on key deliverables using agile methodology.
  • Provided technical expertise and guidance to junior developers, facilitating knowledge transfer within the team.
  • Morgan Stanley, US - Investment Screener and Weal th Desk Management, 7 Months
  • Coordinated with Business Analysts to understand current and future business rules.
  • Configured HDFS connector in Fusion to index CSV files available in HDFS.
  • Developed custom query and indexing pipelines staged as per business requirements.
  • Set up Solr in cloud mode, configured Schema/SolrConfig, and fine-tuned caches.
  • Developed search components using Apache Solr, including custom search handlers and functions. Developed the business rules-based search engine and
  • implemented features like indexing nested child documents using SolrJ.
  • Jagran New Media (New Delhi) - Search Implementat ion using Solr and Autonomy IDOL, 60 Months
  • Installed and implemented Apache Solr 4.0. Implemented Bi-lingual search (English & Hindi). Responsible for Data Indexing and Searching with real- time data indexing and higher relevance.
  • Managed load balancing on the application server using Apache HAProxy.
  • Implemented distributed Apache Solr Server Architecture using Master-Slave replication.
  • Wrote custom indexer programs in SOLRJ for data extraction from RDBMS.
  • Implemented clustering of data using the open-source carrot2 API.
  • Implemented indexing nested child documents using SolrJ.
  • Categorised data using Solr query parameters like Groupings and Facets.
  • Handled query syntax and parsing, including common query parameters.
Description :

Manages the Device & Accessories Search, Knowledge base articles and HR & IT cases search for Customer ease of search and Employee use cases searching for mutliple internal applications

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