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Gig Workers

Gig workers was never been in so much demand as it is today. Covid19 has created a boom in gig economy and its going to stay for a long. There is a huge decline in full-time & permanent employment in last couple of years because of uncertainties in business.

Work from home and remote work was never been so much acceptable among business leaders. OnBenchMark helps organization to hire gig workers from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc

Gig Workers

Gig working is socially acceptable and give more employment opportunities to the skilled & even unskilled workers. Though Uber, Ola, Zomato are the trend setter in increasing the scale of gig economy but IT Industry is also witnessing the rise of gig workers across third world countries, developing countries and even under developed nations.

Corona virus has disturbed the world order but it has also brought new opportunities for millions of skilled gig workers to work remotely for any geography at a must lesser cost. Gig workers often paid on hourly basis and that gives them an option to work for multiple employers, which increases their earning potentials and also give an opportunity for employers to pay as per the need and budget without having any kind liability of keeping a full-time employees. There are millions of gig workers across the globe working as Java Developer, PHP Developer, Web Designer, React Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, SEO experts, Content writing and many more skills in demand.

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Frequently asked questions

Gig is more of like a slang used to denote freelancers. Gig workers is now considered to be acceptable terminology to term any individual contributor or freelancers. This has also created an new economy called as gig economy, which is considered to be the third biggest economic system change after socialist economy & capitalist economy.

OnBenchMark is zero commission freelancing & gig working platform unlike traditional freelancing platform like upwork, freelancer.com, fiverr.com. Here you may find gig workers from countries like, India, USA, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium and third world countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and many more countries. Gig workers from across the world finding OnBenchMark as better freelancing platform to get project work from global clients

Joining as gig worker at OnBenchMark will open bigger global job opportunities since it’s a zero commission gig working platform. Here gig workers can directly connects with clients and negotiate rate and work at their agreed terms & conditions

Joining as gig worker at OnBenchMark is the most easiest task in comparison to the top freelancing and gig working portals. Just need to upload your resume and you are eligible to get work and get connected directly with global clients to get project work.

Gig worker term is often used for blue collar job like Uber, Ola drivers and delivery boys for Zomato, Swiggy etc. But actually gig worker is person who works independently. Freelancer is often been used to do a skilled job like software developer, Web designer, content writer, Digital marketing etc. But actually freelancer is any person who is working as individual contributor and works independently. Which means gig worker & freelancers are synonymous terms and can be used in place of each other.

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