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Contract Resource Recruitment

Contract Resource Recruitment was never been in so much of demand before the covid19 crises.The world order has changed drastically and one area which has affected the most is the waypeople are working and the way businesses started hiring.

Remote working has imbibed in everyday business and that leads to decline in full-time &permanent hiring. Contract hiring is on the rise and platforms like OnBenchMark is helpingorganization to achieve contractual hiring.

Contract Resource Recruitment

Contractual resource recruitment is on the rise and most of IT companies & software development companies are facing challenges in onboarding full-time talent as the candidates have become so demanding not only in terms of salary expectation but they are also become choosy as they are getting number of opportunities. Contract hiring comes in rescue for such companies and rise of inter-company resource movement is increasing day by day.

OnBenchMark is India's only online portal for contract hiring or contract resourcing which is helping companies for Inter-company resource transfer or bench deployment of resources. Companies are able to bill their bench resources and able to reduce bench resource loss and increase resource utilization. It is also helping companies to reduce revenue leakage because of delays in hiring which in turn helps companies to increase profitability.

Corona crisis has acted as a catalyst for the rising in contract recruitment and companies are looking for list staff augmentation & bench selling companies. OnBenchMark is connecting thousands of companies who are either looking for contract candidates or providing contract candidate as they are available to join immediately and the chances of last-minute back out is less it's a need base hiring and provides a perfect solution for just-in-time hiring

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Frequently asked questions

Contract resource recruitment is the hiring philosophy when an organization doesn't have hiring visibility for a long period and they look for candidates on certain skills for much shorter period which is also called as temporary hiring or temp hiring

OnBenchMark.com has created a network community of companies wherein companies having bench resources or unutilized resources are ready to share human resources with other companies or bill or sell their bench employees to other companies on contractual basis. This entire process of sharing economy is helping organizations to get contract resources who can join immediately.

OnBenchMark is providing contract resources at zero commission. OBM connects companies and does not charge any kind of commission also helps companies to get the contract resources from trusted and verified networked companies at affordable cost.

The majority of the bench candidates uploaded at OBM are immediate joiners as they are active bench employees of companies and you'll get a bigger pool of bench resources on contract from bigger bench candidate pool.

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