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Key Points To Ensure While Hiring A Freelancer

Key Points To Ensure While Hiring A Freelancer
October 22, 2021

Freelancing and remote work are growing more popular, both for businesses in need of certain skills and for individuals seeking more freedom and a larger pool of possible clients. However, because each remote worker approaches their work in a unique way, how do you know you're hiring the correct one for you and your project?

We recommend paying special attention to the following, in addition to the specific abilities they can offer, to assist you to identify what to search for:



It's critical that your request be as specific as possible, including the talents you'll need, the project's timeline, and deliverability goals. Share an outline of what you need with the freelancer and, if necessary, break it down into smaller steps so you can keep track of their work. Because you must specify exactly what you need, it is critical that both sides communicate effectively. You might wish to arrange an online video conference to go through the strategy and ensure that the freelancer completely comprehends the project's scope.


Communication skills

Check to see whether somebody you're considering hiring has good communication skills. Because different time zones, cultures, and language difficulties may all be present, you must be confident in the freelancer's communication skills before giving the project. Communication requirements will vary depending on the project. Keep your communication on the freelancing platform you chose to avoid future misunderstandings, so you may use the site's dispute-resolution options if necessary.



Look for someone who has completed the task you're hiring for before. Whether it's online and app development, data entry, or content writing, ask to see examples of his or her work. There are many extremely experienced freelancers who specialize in one work since that is what they do best, but there are also those who will bid on whatever project they can find. When looking for talent, the most important indicators to consider are ratings, feedback, and the rate at which he or she gets hired again. To prevent wasting time, only consider freelancers who have completed the task you're looking for. If you want more assurance, ask for recommendations.


How much they charge

While it's not a good idea to hire the cheapest freelancer on the market — after all, you get what you pay for! — that doesn't mean you can't discover someone who produces excellent work for a fair fee. But, in this case, how is "fair" defined? Simply said, it's the price you're willing to pay!


You don't want to waste your time or theirs if you're not upfront about your budget. Also, for lesser projects, don't be scared to pay up the advance. Larger projects may also require a portion payment up ahead. Those are both absolutely common and acceptable situations. However, you have every right to be wary if the freelancer requests a substantial payment in full upfront.


Our favorite freelancers are those that are content to wait until their work is finished before being paid. It demonstrates both sides' trust, which is crucial to my company's overall success. But, being a freelancer myself, we know how simple it is for freelancers to become "burned out" on the job. If you ask your freelancer to put their trust in you, be sure you're deserving of it.


Testimonials from previous clients

Were their previous customers happy with the work they did? Do those clients express satisfaction with end projects that are similar to what you're considering employing the freelancer to do? For a freelancer to have lots of wonderful referrals is great, but none of it matters if the praise isn't relevant to what you're searching for.


If a freelancer's website doesn't have any testimonials, it doesn't always indicate they've never had any clients. Due to contractual restrictions, they may have been forced to keep their clients' information private. You might be pleasantly surprised if you ask them.


Time and engagement

Given the millions of qualified and talented people available throughout the world, freelancers are usually highly adaptable when it comes to getting things done according to your specifications. The key to any project's success is frequent interaction; don't just hire a freelancer and leave. As a result, expect to communicate with the person you hire on a regular basis during the project's lifetime. Also, leave adequate time for the freelancer to complete the work and for you to provide feedback during the project, allowing for any necessary adjustments.



You might be the first client for the freelancer you're considering for your project if they're just starting off. It doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing; few people begin a career (online or off) without some knowledge of the job involved. It is necessary for everyone to begin somewhere. It's possible that you'll have to trust your instincts.


However, as a new freelancer, there may be a learning curve to overcome. Are you willing to put in the time to assist this person in finding the appropriate path?

If you have a certain method of doing things that goes against traditional "norms" for the work, you'll need to be willing to learn. For example, if all of your margins on written papers need to be half an inch instead of a whole inch. Alternatively, suppose you require your employees to knock three times and spin counter-clockwise before entering your office. In that case, even a seasoned professional will need time to learn or re-learn the abilities required to respond to your desires.


If they have time for you

Even the most efficient freelancers are limited to a certain number of hours per day. If they're good at what they do and in high demand, those hours will quickly fill up. Check to see if the freelancer you're contemplating has room on their client list for you.


Is this a long-term project or a one-time gig? When do you want your project to be completed?

Tell the freelancer your deadlines upfront so they can tell you right away if they can accommodate you into their calendar now or in the near future. Don't be hesitant to ask for a referral if the answer they provide you isn't what you're searching for.

Freelancers in the same field tend to congregate in the same circles and network with one another. If the freelancer you've identified isn't available for the project you need to be done at the time you need it done, they might know someone who is.


And, just as we advise freelancers not to rely on a single client for their whole revenue, we also advise you not to rely on a single freelancer for all of the work you require. Instead, assemble a "stable" of reliable freelancers. You'll be shocked at how much easier your life gets once you've hired a few reliable, talented employees. Your company will grow with a little help. It's possible that you'll be able to take a vacation!




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