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Key Skills
DevOpsJenkinsAWSGoogle CloudMicrosoft Azure

Professional Experience

Opstree Solutions

Tiket @ Opstree Solutions 

Core DevOps consultant 


● Manage all the core components in Tiket like Kafka, Logging & Monitoring, CDN ,GKE Cluster. 

● Help them to optimize deployment time.

● Help the team to optimize cost. 

● Manage multiple vertical and production support. 

● Define devops process.


Growth Partner 


● Managing more than 50+ devops and their roadmaps. 

● Owning two new verticals (SRE and BigData). 

● Managing multiple projects and their deliveries. 

SignEasy @ Opstree Solutions 

DevOps consultant 


● Manage AWS infrastructure. 

● Help them to migrate from ECS to EKS. 

● Setup log monitoring using an ECS container using aws cloud watch. 

● Integrate AWS system manager service with ECS to pass all variables in a secure way. 

● Create Dev infrastructure using terraform. 

● Implement Docker Image tagging based on the environment. 

NoonPay @ Opstree Solutions 

DevOps Lead 


● Design kubernetes Infrastructure on Alibaba cloud. 

● Setup log monitoring using open source tools like elastic search, kibana & log-stash.

 ● Build the Bit-Bucket pipeline. 

● Create all kubernetes manifest. 

● Manage CI/CD using bitbucket pipeline & Jenkins. 

● Introduce Spring Cloud Config server to manage micro-service configurations. 

● Infrastructure provisioning using terraform. 

● Introduce the flyway for database migration. 

● Define the Deployment process. 

● Setup Application Performance Monitoring using open source tool (Glowroot). 

ZestMoney @ Opstree Solutions 

Sr. DevOps Specialist 


● Modified the present architecture in Load balancer from ELB to ALB, and done with cost savings. 

● Monitoring Setup of New Relic, Loggly, and AlertOps. 

● Creating POC before implementation and involved in Setting up Infrastructure for new Clients 

● Created Jenkins jobs that performed various tasks of automating the complete build &

deploy process including various test cases. 

● Managing whole Infrastructure (AWS). 

● Checking the issues during the deployment and troubleshooting. 

● Creating VPN connections and managing VPN connections. 

● Created various bash scripts for Jenkins jobs. 

● Created a new sandbox environment using Kubernetes. 

● Defining best practices in terms of system setup and management. 

● Managing Multi-AZ RDS. 

● Using Bash Scripting to launch/configure/manage private cloud instances using AWS API and Jenkins. 

● Apply to monitor at server, application and log level and configured respective alerts. 

● Migration of all environments inside VPC. 

● Understanding the security measures AWS provides and key concepts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).create and manage users, groups, and permissions using IAM. 

● Built auto-scaling system for the release of products without downtime. 

National Australia Bank @ DCM Data System Pvt Ltd 

Devops Engineer 


● Delivering 24x7 production support on mission-critical servers running on all flavors of Linux. 

● AWS services Used: EC2, ELB, ALB, S3, Route 53, Autoscaling, VPC, AMI, 

● CloudWatch, Elasticsearch, IAM, RDS, ECR. 

● Worked on Tomcat java application, Apache web server, and troubleshooting. 

● Running the applications on the Docker 

● Worked on auto-scaling of the servers. 

● Good knowledge of shell scripting. 

● The monthly audit, Security audit and cost optimization for clients. 

● Troubleshooting Linux system problems. 

● Managing server by using Ansible, write playbook & roles. 

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