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Work from Home & Office-New Hybrid Working Model !

Work from Home & Office-New Hybrid Working Model !
July 22, 2020

What is Hybrid Working Model?

Hybrid working model is the one where a worker is working from both remotely from home or office also. This is not entirely work from home or entirely from office. It allow worker to have flexibility of working from any location as per the business need


Jason Fried once said, "If working remotely is such a great idea, why isn't everyone doing it? I think it's because we've been bred on the idea that work happens from 9 to 5, in offices and cubicles. It's no wonder that most who are employed inside that model haven't considered other options, or resist the idea that it could be any different. But it can."


Is Work from Home first Preference ?

The pandemic has forced maximum forms of works to shift it's base to a work from home arrangement. The sudden change has caused quite a dip in productivity and motivation to get things done. People who are working remotely or generally pursuing work from home misses the team bonding or face to face interactions that made working fun. As a result the ability to work and achieve one's maximum potential is duly hampered. The future of the workplace is hybrid. As employees began returning to work many offices have limited the capacity for the number of employees to come for work shifts. This results in hybrid team structure where some employees work remotely while others work from the office. Hybrid companies have a new model where the employee has the autonomy to choose how, where and when they work best. It is basically an organization that allows employees to choose between working in an office or workspace, working as a remote worker or between the two. The best thing about this is that it allows it's employees to have control over their hours and place of work which is pretty cool.


The modern employee is techsavvy as millennials becomes managers and leaders of organisation. The idea of 9-5 office job has quickly become antiquated, opening the door for new work environment, new management style and an entirely new idea of what a workspace means. In a research done the business labs 62% of the employees chose to work remotely. The top reason that employees choose to work remotely is productivity and focus. In fact, 60% of employees with flexible work options are more productive and engaged in their work than those who work full time in office. Studies have shown that organisations that allow flexible work actually have better relationships between management and direct reports. 


Is working from home & Office is the new normal?


While managing a hybrid team presents it's own sets of challenges, the biggest being building team culture, modern technology helps to bridge the gap and create a workplace that supports employees working remotely, from an office or shared workspace. Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home, for the right people can increase productivity and decrease stress. Companies that encourage and support work from home protocol actually save money in the long run and add bonus on the employers side. With video chats, conference calls, VPN networks and wireless internet we can constantly stay connected as though we were sitting in an office rather than at home. While remote workers can be found in a number of different industries, it's more prevalent in the tech sphere. It could be due to the nature of most tech jobs, especially jobs for developers and programmers that require a strong attention to detail and long hours of focus.


Pros of working in an office


However, one of the most beneficial and wonderful thing an office teaches you is time management and you work according to the working hours provided. Working in an office gives you an opportunity to boost your interpersonal and communication skills. It helps in building up a good relationship with your colleagues. An office environment is always beneficial for those people who are keen on learning about the company. If you are planning to work for a very long period of time, then an office job would be a great opportunity to know everything about them.


The Covid-19 lockdown has offered companies a good opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of this concept from a relatively long term perspective. The Hybrid working system is definitely the new normal.

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