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Why Freelancing is the future of work

Why Freelancing is the future of work
July 24, 2021

Work environments are constantly evolving. The global economy has transformed the workplace into something that is virtually unrecognizable from 40 years ago. Employees were once hired with the expectation of working for twenty or thirty years and then retiring with a pension. In a lifetime, that employee may have one or two careers or occupations. Companies are no longer dependable. Before they are 40, the average worker has ten jobs, with an average of 12-15 jobs during their lifespan.

Freelancing has had a significant influence on the world we live in for a long time. It has provided an avenue for the labor sector to grow, in addition to enabling a small fraction of the globe to find jobs. This will, of course, result in a number of advantages. It will also have a noticeable impact on how the labor industry operates.


The number of freelancing websites has increased by 8% in the previous three years, and figures predict that by 2027, over half of the workforce will be independent consultants or freelancers. Retail, manufacturing, white-collar sectors, blue-collar industries, and a wide range of creative professional professions are all affected by these shifts in the work landscape. These changes affect everyone. For a good reason, freelancing is here to stay.

 If you're wondering why it may have such a significant influence on the industry, we'll go through a few reasons. With this essay, you'll see why freelancing is the way of the future of employment. And by the end, you’d be asking, ‘’how to become a freelancer?’’


We need to look at a few things to understand why this is the case. Although there are several facts regarding freelancing, the following are some of the reasons

why it is the next big thing in the industry.


There's more money to be made than ever before in freelancing

Companies are recruiting more freelancers than ever before to keep their overhead low by decreasing their full-time staff and their benefit and healthcare expenditures. As there are fewer full-time employees, businesses may expand or shrink their workforce as needed.

Due to such favorable incentives for businesses to recruit temporary labor, freelancers are in higher demand, and the demand is expected to continue to rise. It's simpler than ever to make a livelihood as a freelancer now that there's more employment available.


Freelancing is sustainable

What about those who were freelancing before the pandemic? Didn't their earnings suffer as a result? Yes, at first. Globally, freelancers reported a reduction in income almost immediately. However, many people said that their wages had recovered to pre-pandemic levels by the summer of 2020.

During COVID-19, a study on the condition of freelancing was released. Despite the crisis, freelancing hourly earnings have remained constant, according to the study, and as many as 17% of freelancers experienced a rise in their business. This also takes into account the flood of freelancing talent into the market.


Freelancing allows you to work from anywhere

Up to 64% of freelancers get work online, and few, if any, of those projects need the freelancer to be present on site. This implies travel for digital working nomads. However, it means we may hunker down wherever we are rather than being restricted to the local market in the event of a pandemic.

Such home-based work opportunities give you the benefit of working from the comfort of your bed on a rainy day or working off the coast of Hawaii, you decide!


Freelancers are well paid


Freelancers' hourly prices might be three to four times (or more) more than employee hourly rates. Taxes, insurance, and the upkeep of our equipment eat up a portion of that money. However, even after deducting these costs, the rates are still greater than what a full-time employee earns. Freelance wages vary greatly by field, with freelance IT experts in the United States earning an average of $50 per hour, whilst a freelance administrative or customer service employee earning $30 for work in the United States.


Promotion of work freedom for freelancers


Many employees aspire for more freedom and independence at work. However, owing to their working conditions, they are unable to realise their ambition. Nevertheless, by giving them the space they require, freelance options have transformed the landscape. A freelancer can develop their own habits and working style with this sort of employment.


This might contain things like a timetable, pay rates, and tools, among other things. Consequently, people have more control over how much time and effort they put into their jobs. This work approach appeals to new generations who have grown up with technological and mobility trends. They may share papers online with one another to deliver their task. You may reach out to businesses whose values coincide with yours and work on a range of fascinating initiatives. This is one of the most appealing aspects of working as a freelancer.


It boasts one's creativity

Many chances for creativity development exist in online freelancing platforms like upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com. The ability to access diverse cultures and techniques for any subject is possible by exposure to foreign marketplaces. As a consequence, freelancers can broaden their scope and adapt their work to new markets.

In many situations, one plan may be developed and implemented differently for different nations. If you have documents to translate, but they are taking up a lot of your time, consider hiring professional translation services to help you out. This is feasible in a variety of industries, including marketing, banking, web development, and many more. As a result, it provides more options than traditional jobs. Since freelancers may organize their work in whatever way that suits them, creativity can go much further. They may also openly submit their suggestions with the least amount of worry.


Reduces gap between genders


Online jobs for women and men both in the freelancing workspace are proving to be more flexible. According to several studies, both are paid equally more than traditional occupations. Employers, on the whole, are simply interested in obtaining results. The majority of them are unconcerned with their gender. Rather, they go for the greatest deal with a freelancer who has the most experience and talents. To tackle their difficulties, they turn to freelancers. Many women are taking advantage of the chance to compete under better conditions and without prejudice in this way. Given that the entire globe is attempting to close the wage and employment gap, it is evident that freelancing will become more popular over time.


Promotes technology.

Technology advancements are a determining aspect in making freelancing services the future of work. To begin with, it presents and necessitates a large number of issues and tasks to be completed. As a result, it opens up a world of possibilities for a wide range of people and talents. It may begin with technical requirements before moving on to the need for creativity.

 Nowadays, organizations require a wide range of technological services, and it would be nearly difficult to meet all of their requirements with just one or a few personnel. As a result, they must seek out temporary labor to address certain issues. Furthermore, technology evolves at a rapid pace, and freelancers must keep up.


Freelancers are well equipped and better prepared.

Since freelancers have specialized skills and professional expertise, they will always be prepared when presented with work possibilities. As a freelancer, you're more than likely prepared to take on any work that comes your way. In the future, when everyone is more than willing to work, the labor business is poised to see increased productivity across the board. To put it another way, online freelance platforms allow you to express your choices for the kind of work you wish to do. When you try to work on a task you can handle, you will have fewer or no issues while doing so.



Although freelancing is considered a relatively straightforward occupation to begin, it still needs a great deal of talent, effort, and experience to succeed. Getting your first customer as a freelancer may take some time, but you may accomplish it quickly with the right measures in place. The workplace has been subjected to many interruptions. One of many options is freelancing. However, the concept of freelancing projects appears to be gaining traction and, in time, will form the backbone of the workforce. The factors stated above demonstrate why freelancing is the way of the future in the workplace. If you're not sure what it offers, each of the ideas presented above should help you understand what it does and how it affects the work environment.

It’s amusing, rewarding, and helps you explore and showcase what’s special about you!

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