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Which is better Node JS or Python?

Which is better Node JS or Python?
March 19, 2021

What is Node.Js?

Node.js is a server-side program based on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine. It utilizes a non-hindering, function-driven I/O model. It permits designers to make information focused applications that run across distributed devices. Its applications are written in JavaScript. It runs on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems (OS). 


What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, effective, and multipurpose programming language. Python's language and effective typing with defined nature, make it an exemplary language for scripting.

It supports versatile programming patterns, including object-oriented programming, functional programming, or procedural techniques. Moreover, it a defined language that means it cannot transform into a computer-readable code before it runs at runtime.


Features of Node JS

  • It practices a single-threaded design with event looping. This type of event device profits the server to acknowledge in a non-blocking way.
  • It is developed on the V8 JavaScript engine that makes it the quickest code performance library.
  • There is no buffering in Node.js as application output data is in pieces.


Features of Python

  • It allows low-level modules insertion to the Python editor. These modules allow programmers to supplement or customize their tools.
  • It provides interfaces to all major commercial databases.
  • It supports functional and structured programming methods as well as OOP.
  • It offers high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type checking.



Node.Js Vs Python



  • Node.js is best suited for allochronic programming.
  • Node.js is based on JavaScript, so its concepts remain simple for the developers to acquire.
  • Node.js lacks clear coding measures. That's why it cannot be supported by huge projects.
  • Node.js is an ideal program to deal with real-time web applications.
  • It is strongly suited for small projects to facilitate functionality that needs less measure of scripting
  • Most suitable for memory-intensive projects.
  • Node.js is a more suitable option if your focus is on web applications and website development.



  • Python is not exactly the best option for allochronic programming.
  • The biggest benefit of adopting Python is that developers require to write fewer lines of code.
  • It is ideal for a huge project as it can do anything that can be executed using PHP code.
  • Python is not an ideal platform to deal with real-time web applications.
  • Python is suited for promoting large projects.
  • Not desirable for memory-intensive projects.
  • Python is an ideal program to do various things - web applications, integration with back-end applications, numerical computations, machine learning, and network programming.



NodeJS best-suited apps 

Due to its event-based design, Node.js ideally suits applications that have various convergent requests, massive client-side rendering, or constant shuffling of data of a programmer to a server.

Some examples include IoT solutions, real-time chatbots, and messengers.

Node.js also works well for generating real-time collaboration services or streaming programs. However, Node.js is not the desired option for developing applications that need a lot of CPU support.



Python best-suited apps 

Python is fitting for the development of both small plus large projects. It can be applied for data science applications, which require data analysis and visualization, for speech and face identification systems, image-processing software, and machine learning systems. Python can also be applied for the development of 3D modelling software and entertainment.



 Node.Js, Python and Developer Salaries 2021


In the United States, an experienced Python developer makes an average of $120,000 per annum, and an experienced NodeJS developer makes $116,000. In Canada, an experienced Python developer makes an average of 97,000 CAD, and an experienced Nodejs developer makes 92,000–112,000 CAD annually.

In Ukraine, Eastern Europe, you can hire an experienced Python developer for $36,000 — $42,000, and an experienced Nodejs developer will cost you something between $36,000 and $50,000.

In India, Node JS is in high demand as backend technology for web based applications having an annual salary of around $20,000- $30,000 for an experience of 3-8 years and $15-$20 per hour for freelancing work . Python is also in huge demand as the major technology being used in data science and various analytical based application. There is a huge gap in demand and supply and that made this skill as highly paid one with an average annual salary of around $25000 to $50,000 for 3-8 years experienced person and $20-$30 per hour for freelancing job or project.




Both technologies let you develop a wide range of apps. Which one is more fitting depends exclusively on what you need and what you want to achieve for long term and short-term and also your budget for the technology. There is nothing like good or bad technology but technology is more dependent on requirement and feasibility

Python vs. Node.js, both have their benefits and drawbacks, and they are used for different sorts of projects. So when you are deciding between Node.js or Python, you require to look at all the pros and cons to decide which one is most fitting for your project application or if you are looking for a career option in any of these, then you have to look at your interest level and the technical background which may support you to do better on either Node JS or Python


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