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Virtual Employees : Reality or Myth

Virtual Employees : Reality or Myth
March 13, 2020

Virtual employees are essentially a type of freelance worker who works on a remote basis for company. They are not hired like the full time office workers but as an individual contractors working remotely. Company may have 100s of virtual employees without having fixed salaried employees.


Flexible work options are more than just a dominant and growing trend in the workplace—conversations about flexible work are front and center for average American workers and thought leaders alike. 

The facts about flexible work keep piling up, supporting what most of us have observed anecdotally or are actually living in our daily lives: flexibility works! More and more leaders are weighing in across private industry, government, and academia to offer their thoughts about flexible work, and why remote jobs, part-time schedules, and other flexible work options are great for companies, workers. Companies hires both employees and freelancers for virtual jobs. In the fast growing economy, Virtual Workers are neither a reality or a myth. They are the need of hour. Almost every third company hires Virtual Workers to complete their task in the given period. They have also assigned certain posts for them to work with respect and dignity. Virtual works generally implies individuals works from home offices using modern technology to get things done. Both traditional office based company and Virtual companies such as Flex Jobs, hire individuals to work hundred percent of the time using the Internet. A virtual job is also a telecommuting job. These jobs are often seen as title such as Virtual Teacher, Virtual administrative assistant or Virtual Salesperson.


People have often debated on the fact that Virtual Employees are turning into myths but the situation has only taken the position of an antonym. Various posts has been designated for this job and every year more than 400,000 workers are being hired.

Some of the them are that of Virtual Assistant whose job is to create workflow, make recommendation and maintain executive's schedule. 

Virtual Finance Assistant is another designation for a employee who keeps business accounts, enter payments and transaction, update spreadsheet etc.

Virtual Receptionist is another field where the person works in remote environment answering incoming calls, transferring calls etc. 


One survey found out that 64% of the employees at international companies participate in Virtual teams and that 52% of those teams were based outside of the company's home country. Now that technology is bringing us closer together, it is easier that ever for companies to leverage top talent at reasonable rates from all around the world. 

Ken Matos, Vice President, said in an interview, " People today really value workplace flexibility and remote work because it allows them to focus on their energies on work and life as opposed to commuting or other complications due to geography."


So you see, Virtual Employees are more of reality than a Myth.

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