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Top 10 Online Courses For Freelancers

Top 10 Online Courses For Freelancers
July 27, 2021

Being a freelancer has numerous perks. You can work flexible working hours jobs, manage your tasks more effectively, and earn more money. However, for novices, the road can be overwhelming, necessitating the use of freelancing training.

A freelancer has many hats to wear. The individual must handle everything from business creation to execution to finance and payment collection. Furthermore, being a skilled expert is no longer sufficient. For example, If you work as a freelance web developer, clients expect you to do more than just create a website.

They expect you to meet their requirements, edit videos, and add pictures. They also expect you to be familiar with Google and Facebook's algorithms, as well as data analytics.

Isn't it overwhelming? Freelancers must work hard, gain new skills, and continue to improve their existing ones. There are a plethora of online freelancing websites and courses accessible for talent development and training. We've put together a list with information on course length, pricing, company, and options.

Here is a list of online freelancing courses that you can do to improve your skillset:


Going Freelance: building and branding your success

By Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman

Are you considering becoming a freelancer? Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman will show you how to define your personal mission, how to find freelance work, the importance of side projects, how to build a portfolio that will attract clients, how to promote yourself, and how to push yourself up for financial success.

This course is a collection of what they've learned from working with talented freelancers and hiring employers. This is one of the top freelancing projects for beginners. If you are new to the freelancing sector or even if you are an experienced freelancer looking to improve your skills. 

Duration: 9 lessons- 50 minutes

Price: Free 2-month trial


Pricing your work: How to value your work as a Freelancer

By Skillshare

The most common concern among freelancers is the price at which they must offer their freelancing services to potential clients, even if they are located overseas. The majority of freelancers believe they are not paid fairly. This freelancing course will assist you in determining a figure that is reasonable for both you and your client.

This is not just a beginner's course. It can be pursued by professionals to determine if their figures and pricing method are correct.

Duration: 10 lessons- 35 minutes

Price: 2-month free trial


Adobe Photoshop CS6

By Alison.com

Photoshop is a really efficient program for freelance graphic designers. Learning how to use it can open up a lot of doors for freelancers. You can learn picture editing, video editing, web design, graphic design, and much more in this course. The modules will show you how to use the most common Photoshop tools.

Duration: 10 lessons- 2 hours

Price: free


How to win jobs freelancing on Upwork

By Skill success

Do you want to sell your freelancing services on Upwork but aren't sure how to get started? Learn everything there is to know about Upwork and how to create a profile that will make you stand out from the competition and help you land gigs. Learn how Upwork Test can help you get employed by highlighting your skills and showing you how to entice potential clients with resource sharing and ideas.

Duration- 5 lessons

Price: Free for 1 month


Fundamentals of google android development

By Alison.com

There has been a massive increase in the number of smartphone and mobile device users in this world of ever-present technology. In today’s world, the need for mobile applications is rapidly increasing, as these programs assist consumers in making their lives easier. As a result, the demand for skilled freelance mobile apps developers for both Android and iOS is growing. Companies are always on the lookout for brilliant and competent app designers who can come up with new concepts or mobile apps.

It's one of the finest freelancing courses for beginners for anyone interested in learning more about mobile app development, regardless of their present skill level. This course will enlighten you with the process of developing Android applications step by step, and it is completely free!

 Duration: 3 hours

Price: Free


Teaching English online: Find students and start teaching right away!

By skill success

Countless students are looking for English tutors online to assist them in improving their language skills. Do you want to start teaching the language because you're passionate about it? This course covers all you need to know to get started. You may learn how to find students, what you should teach them, and what your fees should be, among other things.

Things you will learn:

●    What are the steps to becoming a self-employed online English teacher?

●    How can various strategies be used to locate students all across the world?

●    Make a lesson plan.

●    Teach the fundamentals of the language

●    Find the greatest online and print materials.

Duration: 14 lessons

Price: Free for 1 month


Web Design Essentials: Creating marketing homepages that drive results

By Skill Share

Dennis Field, the class's creator, teaches you how to create websites that get results. It's the ideal freelance training for website and product designers, as well as teams, who wish to improve web design deliverability. Furthermore, the course walks you through the best practices for designing a conversion-focused marketing site.

Things you will learn:

●    Defining a website's objectives

●    Sketching based on structure and user patterns in Photoshop

●    Putting the finishing touches on your launch design\

Duration: 10 lessons

Price: 2-month free trial


How to Become a Freelance translator

By Skill Success

 Do you speak different languages and want to use your translation and language talents to make a living? Do you know where to look for clients and how to approach them about hiring you? If that's the case, this course is for you! You'll discover how to earn money as a translator by working from home and on your own terms. Learn how to find clients and keep them once you've begun working with them.

Duration: 7 lessons

Price: Free for 1 month


How to sell your digital skills

By Udemy

 It is not enough to have a beautiful website; it must also generate results. This course is suitable for freelance websites and product designers, as well as small freelance web designers, who want to boost the results of their website, such as boosting the number of signups on their homepage.

Learn how to develop an efficient product marketing homepage and what to do if you're having trouble laying out a page and getting the results you want.

Dennis Field, the course author, will share his experiences with you in creating goals (the first step in designing a webpage), story, social proof, and conversions. You'll also learn how to conceptualize designs, create designs using Photoshop or Sketch, receive comments and collaborate with others using Invision, and finalize your design.

 Duration: 10 lessons- 1 hour

Price: Free 2-month trial


Kickstart a Freelance Editor and Proofreader career on Upwork

By Dr. Duncan Koerber

This freelancing course is for you if you want to create a career as a proofreader and editor on Upwork, one of the leading online freelance platforms. Dr. Duncan Koerber, a communication professor with ten years of experience, discusses his tips on how to bid on and win many tasks on Upwork.

You'll learn how to write effective bid proposal cover letters, how to use alternative bidding procedures to win more projects, and how to use editing and proofreading strategies to get more remote working jobs and higher customer satisfaction ratings by the end of this course.

Duration: 6 lessons

Price: Free for 1 month



You may enhance your expertise, increase your productivity, and take your freelancing business to new heights with the help of a freelancing course. Most of these courses are free or involve a little fee, so you won't have to break the bank to improve your talents.







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