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The Rise of Women freelancers

The Rise of Women freelancers
November 30, 2020

Are women's dominance increasing among freelancers?

One may think that men are dominating the entire technical and IT fields. But this is not entirely true. In fact, according to a recent study, women earn more than men in some of the popular Information Technology fields in the freelance market. Typically men earn more than women by a wide margin in project management, finances and sales freelance jobs. The difference is most pronounced in finance and project management where the women's average hourly rate is only 53% than the 56% of the average hourly men’s rate respectively. Some of the best online freelancing jobs for women are:


"The perfect woman you see is a working woman, not a fine lady but one who uses her hand and head and her heart for the good of others." There are many types of research being conducted for years that show a woman doing more household works than being employed and exploring the workplace. Freelancing is like a blessing to them as women as there are many part-time jobs for women, work from home jobs for women are available in freelancing job market. The freelancing industry has taken up the lead in the economy and has created an ample number of opportunities for both men and women. They can now shape their career accordingly. Freelancing has given the autonomy and advantages that women from any field can have a perfect career as per their choice and lifestyle. More an more women are becoming women entrepreneur and creating even virtual team of freelancers.


Multimedia Production:

This typically involves video and audio production. Women in freelance production earn a tiny 0.3% more than men. In other words, while men earn an average hourly rate of $25, women earn 26%. The difference of 0.3% isn't a lot. We could as well conclude that the freelance market does not discriminate against gender and in the multimedia production space. People are offered a job based on their ability to deliver and not based on their gender. Multimedia production is among the highest-paid freelance work out there. If you are considering freelancing, you may want to give it a try.


Digital Marketing:

Women in freelance jobs earn a whopping 17% more than men. While men earn an average hourly rate of 22%, women earn much as 26%. This is the best freelancing job where women are taking the lead. From social media marketing, search engine optimization to influencer marketing women is excelling better than men. Since they could be better at empathizing and connecting with their prospect.


Web Design and Graphic Design:

Women freelancer in web and graphic design earn 4% more than their male counterparts, far more than 0.3% from multimedia production. While men earn an average hourly rate of $19, women earn $20. With many web design & graphic design jobs and open-source applications and software are readily available, Webdesign and graphic design have become a largely creative skill than technical ones. Almost anyone can learn to use the available web design and graphic design tools. And the women web designers & graphic designers are delivering great results that allow them to command a deserving pay. Upto to 30% of freelancers are into web and graphic design and that makes the field quite competitive. There are plenty of freelancing jobs for women to choose from


The freelancing industry of women has taken a huge jump in the past few years due to various reasons. Female freelancers found it more easy and comforting to work from home than going to the office. The flexibility of time is yet another reason why the woman chose to do freelancing. In fact, one out of every five women is a freelancer. Corporate culture fails to provide them the time they need to give at home and their child and so they mostly opt for flexible working hours job.


Also, they earn better in freelance work as compared to offices. They don't have a fixed salary but the individual income as per their desire makes them happier. Many freelancing websites give opportunities for online jobs for women. Online freelancing websites like OnBenchMark.com welcome female workers with open arms. They also provide the required autonomy to women freelancers. It's one of the very few Non-bidding freelancing websites. There are various advantages of working as a woman freelancer. They get the liberty to work as per their wish. The elasticity of work allows you to spend more time with your family while earning a good salary.


Freelancers who only graduate high school, earn more than those who graduated with a bachelors and post-graduation degree. It proves that the freelancer job market is built around skills and the ability to get work done and not academic qualifications and whether you are a man or a woman. If someone is hiring you as a freelancer, they want to know what previous clients are saying about your service and proof that you get your work done.

The rise of Women freelancers during the pandemic has taken up the toll from 40% to 46% which is quite a good number. Freelancing is not easy, at times it may turn out to be exhausting but once you adjust to your schedule, things never go out of hand. Technology is leveling the plain field. Women have the chance to assume any role as a profession they want to play in the economy and freelancing is one of them.

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