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Strategies for hiring a freelancer

Strategies for hiring a freelancer
December 05, 2022

While it is a fact that freelance work and applicants are now spreading across the globe, both the amount of work and the number of applicants are increasing at a high rate. More so, with such an increase the freelance work industry is thriving to its core. Youngsters and experienced individuals have come together to create a very strong workspace, which is slowly attracting more and more key companies. While freelancing was only a side hustle, in the last few years the life-changing events that changed the course of how the world operated have also completely changed the course of freelancing. 


Now that we have established a huge inflow of freelance workers in the market currently, we are yet to understand the setbacks of the same. Freelance hiring might sound like a great way to cut costs and save time while the output increases. However, one cannot ignore that this flow of workers might confuse the right kind of hiring. Many people who had opened up freelance work positions for their companies hired less qualified and unreliable staff and opted out of hiring contract workers. Online contract jobs are open to many applicants, and while the goal is to reach out to qualified individuals the same opening also attracts many unreliable and unfit applicants. The new age idea of spamming every freelance job opening, and thinking ‘what’s the harm in such a case causes floods of applications at the recruiter’s end. 


Freelancers are required all over the industry, yet the process of recruitment if not planned properly can go haywire. Here are key steps to ensure the quality hiring of bench workers:


Set your requirements

The first step to hiring a freelance worker is a clear internal discussion on what you need from a certain person. Understanding the job role yourself and also clarifying the same with your team is very important. 


A freelancer is not an employee, but rather a just-in-time hire who is recruited for limited tasks. This goes on to say that the recruiter is not free to assign any extra task and has only limited rights over this person’s time. In such a case when maximum efficiency is required, the right way to do this is to keep your expectations clear via internal discussions before such hiring. The goal is to understand that such an individual is here to do his/her job and that new responsibilities will not be appreciated as an opportunity to learn.  


Clear Job Descriptions

The unclear work descriptions attract most of the spam applications on your contract job opening. A fit applicant needs the following inputs to straight up apply:


Years of experience


Qualification requirements


Need to visit the workspace or remote




Term of contract


Pay and whether negotiable


Job openings that fail to have these details added rather invite spam applicants and miss out on the potential hires that would have been a good fit for the role. 


Sketch out the interview process

Hiring freelancers might rid you of a lot of additional responsibilities after the hiring stage but it makes the pre-hiring stage more crucial than ever. While a recruiter is not responsible for the flexi worker, the same goes for the flexi worker himself.  Contract-based resources have a high risk of leaving the contract mid-way, causing more loss than gain. Additionally, the goal is to get an experienced professional as there is no time to train a recruit. However, due to improper interviews many less qualified individuals are hired causing less output and wastage of money.



Strict On-Boarding Rules

Onboarding rules have to be sketched out by the recruiter in a manner that they are very clear to the flexi worker. The understanding that a person is hired on a contract basis and might have other commitments have to be cleared out to assure that your work is being prioritized accordingly. The company needs to ensure that a proper timeline and targets are established for the recruit. The consequences of the inability to complete such a target should also be shared beforehand. The key contact persons have to be informed and to avoid any confusion such flexible contract hires should be allotted for only a limited set of tasks also limiting their involvement with multiple teams. 


Standard contract formation

A standardized format of the contract should be created for different types of flexi hires. A well-established company might need to hire freelancers for different departments. How a company creates relationships with bench resources, sets the market image of the company’s bench hiring positions. This format can be altered based on the range of responsibilities and job timeline. Such contracts should also be created and stored with a detailed background check of the recruit in the company’s files. 


Contract to Hire Staffing

While we have discussed the key steps to hiring a contract-based worker, there is no denying that this process is very tedious and no company has the time to invest in all these steps. This is where flexi recruitment services come into the picture. These service providers will do all the tasks mentioned above and create a safe passage for your company to hire a good flexible staff. Contract resource providers specialize in various sectors like IT, Business Community, Digital Marketing, and more. They can create a clear description of your requirements and share it with a pool of applicants who work with them to find the best fit for your business. They are also a very reliable source to secure your contracts with flexible workers. 

While the hiring of flexible workers comes with many ups and downs, the goal is to find your target points in terms of hiring methods and flexi worker requirements. The world is evolving and newly developed companies like Airbnb, Protocol Labs, Superside, Study.com, and more are currently trending because of their impressive rate of remote flexible hiring. These companies seem to have cracked the code to hiring remotely and they are working with the best bench recruitment firm’s world over. However, each sector and company has its requirements and values and the hiring for a contract-based employee should be strictly limited to your own needs and comfort.

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