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New Age Hiring Techniques in the IT Sector

New Age Hiring Techniques in the IT Sector
November 24, 2022

Contract-based hiring is a form of hiring individuals on a limited-term basis and once the assigned task is completed the hiring gets terminated. This method of hiring is also called flexible hiring. Over the past few years, the world has faced a pandemic and economic crises causing a shortage of resources. These years have pushed companies to explore the option of remote hiring and many professionals to pursue freelancing as a permanent career. Although the reasons were harsh, the concept of contract-to-hire staffing has come into the picture as a blessing in disguise. 


While many industries are still paving a positive way for hiring on a contract basis, the Information Technology (IT) industry has moved towards changing hiring standards at a good pace. Many IT companies have decided to permanently move to remote working methods post the pandemic. While such a decision was taken considering the security of the staff, it is also centered on the numerous benefits a company also avails from such a work structure. The changes have also spread across various other industries that hire IT departments on a regular basis. These departments are either entirely working remotely now or flexi hires have been recruited to replace the permanent recruits. 


The change in hiring techniques of such companies is a product of various cost-cutting advantages seen primarily during the lockdown period. The time period of processing a new hire can be minimized followed by limited costs and time involved in releasing resources. Many young professionals have considered this an opportunity to work with established organizations without any hassle of multiple interviews and failed attempts. Many experts have concluded that bench recruitment is the future and currently IT companies are the leading examples of this change. 

Some of the highly demanded contract-based jobs in the IT industry include: 


Web Developer

The job of a web developer evolves based on the advancement of new technology. Every year the entirety of their functions shuffles and the requirement of a better or differently qualified individual comes up. Contract-based react developer jobs, java developer, website developer, and salesforce developer are currently in demand all over the job market. 


Such requirements are best met by companies by working with a bench resource platform that provides hires on a regular contract basis.


Data Scientist

With the increasing dependency on big data, the demand for data science developers on a contract has increased manifold. While not all profiles require a big data scientist, many different roles are played by a data scientist and thus there is no limit to the demands of such professionals. Freelance data scientist hiring is done on a contract basis to seek a professional’s assistance in such tasks until the company can function on its own. Due to changes in various software, the demands keep pouring in. This has pushed highly skilled individuals all over the globe to work as a freelancer. 


While this job has one name, it covers a wide area of skills that are specific to different professionals. Some of the key freelancing data scientist jobs include data analysts, operations analysts, staff data scientists, and big data scientists. The skills required are based on the professional’s sector of work. 


Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer’s job circle’s around building applications onto existing blockchain platforms. This usually includes front and back development routines including design and maintenance. The technological developments have been very swift in the past years, owing to the fact that the same blockchain is now considered one of the fastest growing technologies spreading all over the world. With such new complicated technology entering the market, the demand for such hires also increases; however, the company’s budget is limited. So, companies look out for freelancers who would have the required skills. 


The hiring of freelance blockchain developers has been a key requirement for many leading companies and start-ups as well. The requirements coupled with an increase in tech dependency make this job opening one of the major IT freelance job openings. 

AI Engineer

An AI engineer’s job centers on software like AWS, Tensor, and other tools. Many who have worked with system architecture and managed multiple projects have the option to work freelance. While the work in this area is expansive, the hourly pay is a great way to spend one’s billing time. 


When it comes to hiring companies many prefer AI developers hiring on contract. The eventual goal is to get the system flowing and thus the regular requirement of such positions is decreasing. It is more beneficial for the company’s team if the freelancer is available to work only when such tasks are required. 


Business Analysts

Hiring business analysts on a contract is a cost-saving technique that multiple organizations are now considering. Driving in client force is a priority however, a shortage of funds can lead to avoiding the position altogether. 


By hiring flexi business analysts a company can aim to improve its business network community by extending limited resources and also limiting the time period required. These jobs are in higher demand during the beginning of the financial year and once the tasks are completed the contract terminates until the requirement comes up again in the following year. 


The old form of recruitment involved hiring many individuals for many roles which did not need constant staff and thus had a heavy impact on the department costs. Major IT sector companies like Accenture, Infosys, Elevate, etc. are now working with remote workers on a contract basis. The regular developments and need for change in the IT sector have now paved a direct way for contract-based hiring. 


Talent in the IT sector has a new definition every few months, with new client requirements and project developments there is only so much the IT industry can do to balance out the less required staff. The shift toward contract hiring has acted as a boon to counter the staffing and budgeting problems altogether. 


Most of the companies who are now hiring contract-based workers frequently tie up with the contract candidate's provider to simplify the entire process. Fetching for good recruits themselves is another task that is completely avoided by working with a contract hiring firm. These firms bring together talented individuals looking to work freelance from all over the globe and put forth candidates who are the best fit for the job. This not only simplifies hiring but also secures the contract on which a certain individual is hired. Whenever a certain project is given to a freelancer, the possibility of their untimely refusal to continue plays a key role. When working with a third-party recruiting firm, this fear is completely eradicated. 


While hiring bench resources is still a growing change that most industries are getting used to, the IT industry seems to be in the lead. The IT industry is able to drive more work from qualified individuals around the world without limiting itself to a geographical boundary. The industry had been changing its hiring techniques which eventually escalated during the pandemic. The key to such a possibility has been the work methodologies applied and the latest technology support used.  This industry has fastened the transition and cut extra costs however, there is a long way to go in order to bring an entirety of change.

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