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Latest Trends in Flexible Hiring

Latest Trends in Flexible Hiring
November 30, 2022

Flexible hiring is not a work trend, it is the rule and new trends now evolve under the garth of this new style of working. The pandemic gave all the freelance workers a push with increase in contract jobs in various industries like IT, finance, legal, and many more. Although the era of flexi workers is here, there are so many new aspects to this side of work that have come in picture along with it and they are not just limited to old school contract jobs. 


Many surveys have revealed that workers have quit jobs on the premise of going back to office on a regular basis. They have started to prefer the remote style of work and while many coming of age companies realize this, some of the market leaders are yet to accept this change. Market leader’s world over like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and EY are still focusing on a work from home or flexible hiring approach. The reasons can vary between focusing on profits and making sure that the workforce is not put into the danger of diseases. However, the range of reasons have now started to become a lifestyle which is hard to change for many. 


These changes are always a two way street and do not only benefit the workforce. While the hiring of flexible workers is a great opportunity for many remote workers, the companies are benefiting much more than they had imagined. They no longer have to provide employment benefits to flexi workers, as they are hired on contract. There is no obligation to continue the work beyond the end date of contract. This also creates a way to plan costs for the coming quarters and hire based on the requirements of the present quarter.  Additionally, there is a huge scope to hire more skilled workforce with the most budget efficient pay from around the world. Not to forget, remote work completely removes overhead charges for the company in terms of office structure, electricity, water supply etc. These changes in totality have received the much needed push they got after organizations from world over released how beneficial for their own financing.


Here are a few key trends that have emerged in the few years in freelance job recruitment:


Mindset Change

The world is moving towards a different hiring methodology, and the changes are approved based on the profit increments for both hirers and recruiters. Flexible working has become a more of a permanent profession for recruits all over the world. 


Many leading brands have now paired up with bench recruitment firms in order to cut costs and increase their work output at the same time. What was a way to increase the flexible jobs for limited slots, has now attracted a new age mindset and most of the youngsters have started their careers with freelance jobs. While some plan to make it big eventually while gathering experience from different platforms at the same time, some have enrolled themselves with flexible staffing solution platforms to work in this area for good. 


Smaller work week

The newly trending development is a smaller work week, with only four official working days every week. University of Cambridge and Oxford have also taken initiatives to change to a four day work week, and this trend has now spread across the world. This only gives way for the people to hire contract workers on the days when more work is required, or for the workers to look out for hustle. This trend is limited to the majority of permanently recruited staff, however it has paved for them to indulge in their other flexible work as well. 


Cross-Border Recruits

The geographical boundaries have always been a barrier in terms of fetching better recruits. While outsourcing has been an age long trend in the industry, it was only limited to certain simpler professions and also required established offices in other nations. 


This is a drastic shift towards a more simplified work culture, people are now keen on finding good quality work online and have started working with companies all over the globe. The requirement to be able to do work becomes very simple and includes basics like good skills, a laptop and regular internet connection. These are available and can be made available to a person with ease. 


Social Recruiting

This has to be one of the key trends right now, and anyone who has gotten a job online would agree. Social media channels and job recruitment platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork have paved a way for flexible workers like no others. It has become so simple that all one needs to do is simply look up for openings of their field of work and apply. 


While some of these channels started off as recruitment places for permanent jobs, which they do still offer, it has now become a hotspot for freelance workers and recruiters to interact. 


Diversity in Hiring

The world is changing and adopting free and equivalent lifestyle changes. One of the best things about trends is that those who refuse to accept the change initially, slowly make way for the new age era. The important thing is to see how the new age generation has brought into picture that they plan to work with a more diverse set of individuals. Not only this, diversity benefits in shaping the market standards and how the output is to be presented in the fast paced culture. 


While trends keep changing and evolving with younger generations coming to work in the market, the importance of bench recruitment services increases like no other. Keeping with these trends might be important but it is a tedious job and the same cannot be done by any organization alone. Having a support system working on hiring the best set of flexible workers as per one's need is the need of the hour and this is where various flexi staffing service providers come into picture and have the ability to save one's time and resources. Similar to any recruiter, they create a portal between the worker and employer but since such kind of work is contract based they also take responsibility for the contract.

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