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Is flexi staffing needed ?

Is flexi staffing needed ?
March 13, 2020

What is Flexi-Staffing ?


Flexi-Staffing is a mode of staffing where a company is not hiring on permanent basis or full time basis but actually on temporary basis or for flexible time period as per the need of project work or assignment is required. This gives companies a more freedom to hire on need basis rather than hiring full time employees. This trend is already common in western countries but its also gaining ground in India.


Hjlmar Schacht very clearly said that Economy is a sensitive organism. Our world revolves around it and we need proper work force and employees to make it run smoothly. Flexi staffing is continuously proving to be one of the best decisions taken by IT industries. It is one of the best organizations for employees where they work as temporary or contract workers.

The IT industries of India are the most demanding one's for flexi staffing and gig workers. It has created numerous job opportunities for such workers. According to Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), flexi staffing is going to be increased by 41% in 2021 driven by the continuous demand for digital technology and co efficient mandates. People mastering the skills of artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are desperately wishing to be a part of Gig Economy. Talent trends around the world indicated that all the top most companies are looking at employers who allows benefits of work hours, location, job role and compensations. In such trends the gig workers and flexi staffs are being highly promoted.


The top companies like Wipro, Infoyses, Tech Mahindra, HCL etc hire flexi staffs in large numbers every year cherishing the advantages gained by them. Flexi staffing not only reduces the need of employees working overtime and meeting deadlines but is also linked with low legal costs for them. There are also chances that legal employers of workers being supplied may arise to co employment. Flexible staffing options are helping business adjust quickly and efficiently to high and low production demands. Flexi staffing also has the potential to be among the highest key job creation engines. It makes the business to leverage the subcontracting models without creating head counts for short term requirements.


Indian IT flexi staffing sees a significant growth every year. It is said to be increasing by 22.7% in the next three years. Along with the lower cost of maintaining the workforce, there is no cost associated with termination of employees. Flexi staffing has been globally accepted and is contributing a lot to Gig Economy.

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