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How You Can Hire a Freelancer For Your Company in 7 Steps

How You Can Hire a Freelancer For Your Company in 7 Steps
August 16, 2021

The pandemic has marked the unification of the workplace and home. So, while cleaning the dishes and sweeping the floor, planning tactics to achieve your monthly goals has become routine. The tremendous tension that came with this perpetual tightrope walk taught us the value of delegation.

It's a constant fight to get things done while staying under budget and on schedule, especially if you're an entrepreneur or management. That's when freelancers come to the rescue!


Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a creative/technical person who engages in working on specific freelance projects. After delivering the project to you, they finish the assignment, collect the agreed-upon payment, and then move on to another project with a new temp work agency. They might also choose to work on many tasks simultaneously, effectively managing their time and resources.

Due to the flexible working hours jobs and financial benefits that hiring freelancers gives, it has become a popular option for full-time recruiting now that practically everyone works from home.


Why should you hire a freelancer?

Although this is a typical question, we must caution you that asking it is equivalent to asking, "Am I interested in saving a few dollars while running my business while still having an expert do the job?"

If your answer is yes, then working alongside a freelancer is the way to go! But, if you're still not convinced, consider the following advantages of hiring a freelancer in India:



Given the surge in popularity of freelancers in the world in recent years, many of the people who make up this workforce have been working for years and have various tricks under their sleeves. Specialists with years of experience in their industry are always the safer choices to make. You'll get a top-notch final product when you work with them.



In comparison to full-time staffing, hiring freelancers is a cost-effective option to get work done.

You as an employer do not have to pay for the surplus hours that they are not working for, whereas traditionally, you have to do so.

Therefore, you usually pay a lower sum and only once for a freelance project.


You save on workspace:

They aren't here to stay, once again. They work with you for a set amount of time before leaving. This implies there isn't any additional money spent on setting up a workspace.

Apart from that, the process flexibility, the absence of HR policies, and the extensive range of options make hiring a freelancer worthwhile.


How can you hire a freelancer in India?

It's time to go online after you've made the wise decision to hire a freelancer. Here's how to recruit a freelancer in India online, step by step:


Average freelancer prices in India:

One of the most appealing figures for hiring a freelancer in India is cost savings. As a result, before you complete the recruiting process, you must have a rough concept of the prices in this market.

Here's a rundown of some of the most common freelancing services and their costs:


Content writer: 300-500 rupees for a 500-word article

Photographer: 5000-13000 rupees for one hour

Graphic designer: 2000-10000 rupees depending on experience

SEO Expert: 5000-1000 rupees per project


Keep reading further for some tips on how to hire a freelancer in India.


Choose the most suitable website for you.

It is critical to select the best-suited online freelance platform for you, to guarantee that working with a freelancer is a positive experience. Many freelancer job portals may connect you with freelancers, but you must choose a trustworthy and reliable one.

One of the best freelance websites without commission for hiring a freelancer for your business is OnBenchMark. Handpicked and genuine freelancers provide a wide range of services here. These freelancers are experts in their fields, You can quickly obtain these services based on your budget and requirements.


Recognize the scope of your project

The first and most crucial stage in hiring freelancers is identifying the project's scope of work. Because freelancers aren't as invested in your company as employees are, it's critical to provide them with as much information as possible upfront. This will increase the chances of your freelancing employment succeeding.

The freelancer will most likely construct this paper based on discussions with your team. If you have not already done that, you should take the initiative to develop this paper on your own.


Determine the freelancer's qualifications

The second stage is to figure out what kind of qualifications you want in a freelancer. The scope of work, if created ahead of time, will significantly assist you in this process. Consider educational requirements, work experience, background, expertise, and pricing, among other things. This step will make hiring the best candidates for the job much easier.

Here's a more comprehensive list of talents, experience, and other criteria to consider:


Work experience: Previous work experience is one sign that freelancers know what they're doing and can complete the task.


Specialization: A freelancer that specializes in the type of assignment you're searching for could be able to satisfy your demands better than someone who may no. For example, if they have experience in similar work to your business, they'll have more context than a freelancer who has done similar work in different industries.


Write a job description.

Now that you know what you're searching for, it's time to write a job description that will help you find it. This will provide you with an upper hand in receiving the appropriate proposals, so make them as clear and effective as possible. It should include a summary of your project's goals, requirements, and budget. It should also have a description of the hiring criteria, the area of work, and the requisite experience.


Online skills assessments could be an add on advantage.

On average, 250 people apply for each job posting on a project outsourcing website. If you accept candidates with remote work jobs, that number can rise even further. As a result, while you may receive a large number of ideas in a short period of time, not every freelancer who applies will be qualified. To create a shortlist for further consideration, you'll need to test each candidate. The applicants will then be automatically ranked based on their performance on the tests you've included in the evaluation.


Interview the best candidates

After you've compiled a list of candidates, you may begin reviewing and interviewing the most qualified candidates.

Create a shortlist of applicants to interview based on their assessment results, educational background, certifications, work experience, and abilities.


Conduct a paid trial

Working with someone to see if they can do the job is the greatest way to find out. Candidates will be able to grasp your work style and project requirements, and you will be able to observe how effectively they interact with your team.

Assign a project that will test the particular skills you'll require for the job. You can then compare your teams' first opinions of the prospects to their final output.


Final thoughts:

Hiring freelancers to find quality talent and skills might be a cost-effective option. However, like with any hiring decision, you must be extremely picky about who you deal with. Even though terminating a freelancer's contract is more manageable than terminating an employee's, choosing the wrong hire might result in costly mistakes and wasted time.

You'll be better able to pick the right freelancers for your organization if you follow these suggestions and conduct an online skills assessment to find the most qualified personnel available.

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