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How To Get Freelance Projects In India

How To Get Freelance Projects In India
August 31, 2021

With promises of flexible working hours jobs and freedom from conforming to the corporate world, freelancing has long been a fascinating component that has enticed many employees towards it. While freelancing was often associated with ‘hipster' artists, where it was usual to see authors or artists taking on online freelance jobs, practically anyone from any industry can now freelance, taking advantage of time and the global virtual teams given by the internet.


In order to get your first freelance project, you must go through a number of firsts. What if there was a comprehensive guide to finding freelance projects in India?

Look no further!


What you’ll need:

Whether you plan to freelance full-time or part-time, there are a few things that everyone should have in their toolbox. While the dramatic exclamation, "you must have faith in yourself!" may seem superfluous (but vital!) in this situation, the things you should concentrate on are:



Focusing on the skillset that you aim to give to the world is the most painless method to ease yourself into the freelance market. Do you have a lot of writing experience? Or perhaps a fantastic calligrapher? Perhaps you like to take pictures that make you think. Or is it possible that your analyses are almost always correct and on target, resulting in a benefit to someone?

Whatever it is, you must concentrate on it and begin honing that particular skill. After that, you may move on to the next phase, which is to discover a specialty within your skillset and expertise so that what you have to offer is distinct. This can result in a large number of clients, from whom you can pick and choose after a while!


More significantly, building out a niche for oneself in the market can serve as a fantastic bargaining point when it comes to negotiating compensation for Freelance Projects in India. You may not be able to find what you have to offer anyplace else. You're well aware of the effort required to acquire and excel in a particular skill set. So why be reluctant in showcasing everything when it comes to negotiations?


Portfolio/ Resume.

This is a no-brainer, but it shall be underlined. You can start putting your best pieces into your portfolio once you've worked on your talents and made practice projects; keep in mind that these projects aren't simply your favorites; they're also the ones that best represent your abilities. You can get stuck a lot of the time due to the never-ending cycle of "needing the experience to find a job to get experience."


This is especially true for Freelancer Job Portals, where it may be simple to get your foot in the door, but landing a project without prior expertise might be challenging. This is when your portfolio comes to the rescue. Most clients prefer people with experience in a competitive climate, but putting your finest work forward in your portfolio gives you a fighting chance. Have a portfolio of samples made by you to help show your originality and ability to implement an idea if you are entirely fresh.



The most crucial thing to remember is that you'll need to have a strategy in place at all times. Here's what you'll want to pay attention to:


●    Time

The safest method to transition from a 9-to-5 job to freelance work online is to start controlling your time as soon as possible. This implies you should begin investing in your skills and building your portfolio while conducting your regular work. Does it appear to be difficult? Buckle up, friend, for the struggle will be worthwhile. Once you've made a move, this time management habit will keep you afloat and ensure that you never fall behind on any project submissions or payments.


●    Work

If you're thinking of providing freelancing services, you should evaluate the big picture. Take your time learning and comprehending the field in which you wish to work. Understand the trends and forecasts so you may be better prepared for all ups and downs that your sector may or may not experience.


●    Finances

Whether you're freelancing to supplement your income or to start freelancing full-time, financial planning is critical and shall be done well ahead of time. This is especially critical if you have a family. Investigate the industry of your choosing by examining what an average year in terms of finances looks like, what the "off" seasons or "in" seasons are like, and if there are any job drops; speak to a few freelancers in the sector to get a sense of things.


However, before you make the transfer, you must have a financial plan in place that includes your savings and the investment you intend to make in yourself and your work.



Online networking.

●    If you're currently active on social media, take it a step further and use it as a booming megaphone. 'Shout' out your project needs, inquiries, or anything else; your inner circle, who knows you best, is frequently your greatest bet because they not only know you and can thus offer you better leads, but they can also vouch for you if necessary.


●    The second method for online networking is joining coworking communities such as OnBenchMark, which provides numerous networking opportunities. These networks are essential for keeping afloat and resource sharing whether it's meeting freelancers who share your favorite coworking space with you or learning about their online freelance platforms or dashboards. Organic friendships and professional relationships may frequently play a significant role in obtaining you an assignment.


●    Additionally, look into online venues where you can pitch articles pertaining to your area and show off what you have to offer and how you do it. On the other hand, you may establish your own online blog on any Freelancer Platform in India. In addition, to continue publishing your own content, you can also encourage people to contribute to your forum, forming a network and increasing the reputation of your platform.



Offline networking.

If we're going by the cliche, this is the point at which I'd feel forced to inquire - when was the last time you went to the park? The majority of freelancers spend their days slaving away at their computers or in their home studios. But, like multi-tasking, freelancing hustlers, what better way to get some fresh air while still getting some work done — than to attend mixers and other networking events?


Many societies and organizations are formed solely for the aim of bringing people together and networking—this aids in spreading the word about your abilities and developing and keeping relationships with potential clients. Many companies and agencies can help by providing a convenient coworking space near you and allowing you to learn about other coworking spaces through mixers held at their coworking cafes.


Signing up for freelancing websites is, of course, the last but not most minor step. OnBenchMark and a slew of other sites are dedicated solely to those seeking freelancers or freelance projects. They are focused on allowing you to contact potential clients while also ensuring that the freelancer is protected as much as possible through terms or secure payment methods.


Weapon of your choice.

In this situation, it's your ability. When discussing projects with clients, as previously stated, clarity is crucial. So, while discussing the project with a client, be prepared with an exact timeframe, examples, and other essential data; leave nothing to chance. When talking about the project fee, it's necessary to be clear about what you're going to charge and why. When clients see a professional who has a crystal clear vision and can demonstrate it to them, they are more likely to trust and collaborate with them.


It's critical to remember to examine as many choices as possible while freelancing (particularly at the start!). You may not have entire control over your time at first because you are busy attempting to land projects and establish a reputation. Make certain to try out all of the strategies to find which one works best for you. Different strokes for different folks, after all. While some people like online websites, others may find that meeting with friends, coworkers, and potential clients is more effective. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

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