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How Part-Time Employees Can Benefit Your Business And How You Can Hire Them

How Part-Time Employees Can Benefit Your Business And How You Can Hire Them
September 21, 2021

Congrats! It's time to expand your company and hire additional employees! If you're on a tight budget, you might not be able to afford to recruit a full-time employee — tax withholdings, benefits, and paid time off can all add up quickly but don't worry. A freelancer might be able to assist you.

Freelancers (also known as Contract workers in India) are self-employed persons who work as independent contractors rather than as employees of your company.


Why should your company hire a freelancer?

Freelancers in the world can provide top-notch abilities without the added cost of full-time benefits or a long-term commitment. When you hire a contractor instead of hiring a new employee, you may get top-notch knowledge whenever you need it with low overhead. Most are paid hourly or on a project-by-project basis and can be employed as consultants, on-call for ad hoc work, temporary or ongoing, or for specific contracts.


You can use a variety of freelancing professionals to expand the scope of your company's limited resources. In the gig economy, you can engage freelancers for a range of Freelance Projects in India in a variety of disciplines, including marketing, consulting, web development, writing, accountancy, graphic design, social media, and teaching/tutoring.

But why would someone want to work on their own?

Isn't a typical 9-to-5 job more secure for them?


You have the power and autonomy to adjust anything that doesn't fit your vision as a freelancer. This also gives you the opportunity to earn more money because you're in charge of how you earn your money.

Are you ready to hire a freelancer online? Before you start writing that help wanted ad on Freelancer Job Portals, consider the following points.


Things to keep in mind before hiring a freelancer


What kind of freelancer are you hiring?

How much work do you have on your hands? The type of employee you hire is determined by the number of hours your firm requires and the demand from customers. Do you only require assistance on occasion? Consider hiring someone on a temporary basis. Do you require daily assistance?

Then you'll need a long-term freelancer or full-time staff. RecruitLoop advises you to keep in mind that these decisions are crucial: "It's critical to understand that your responsibilities vary based on how your staff is hired." Contractors and employees in at-will jurisdictions can leave or be fired at any moment, but full-time employees will be entitled to paid time off, sick leave, and other benefits. Always seek the advice of a hiring professional or an employer.


What role do you require?

Make sure to think about the obligations that this person will be responsible for. Do you require assistance with product descriptions and social media posts? Do you require assistance with marketing or taxes? Making a list of precise roles and responsibilities will assist you in finding a good match between your demands and the talents of a possible employee or freelancer.


Where are you searching for an employee?

Only post your "help wanted" employment ad on a number of freelancing websites to keep things simple for yourself. If you want to avoid the hassle of posting, screening through, and vetting prospects, a staffing agency is a wonderful place to start. They will take care of all the details for a modest cost.


Things to keep in mind while hiring a freelancer



Examine prior work samples and LinkedIn recommendations to determine if they'd be a good fit for your organization and industry. Expect no free samples from contractors; their previous work reflects their expertise and talent, and many people view being asked to execute a tiny, unpaid task (known as spec work) to be quite disrespectful.

Whether you don't see something you like in their portfolio, ask if they have anything else. The majority of creatives have a large number of samples, but their internet presence is usually limited to a small, curated collection.


Check credentials

Ascertain if your freelancer is qualified and skilled in the expertise or skill you require. Examine their work through online portfolios and speak with their references in addition to their resume.



During your interviews, always be prepared to provide swift responses and information on the complete scope of the project. How long will you require assistance? How many projects are there? Make sure you can describe how and when you want to be contacted and that you have a rough sense of project deadlines.


Expect to give them a fair pay

Professional freelancers are not bargain-basement workers, so don't expect bargain-basement rates for top talent. To attract the best freelancers to your project or firm, pay quickly and fairly. Yes, a $5 website designer can be found, but you always get what you pay for.


Hire them as soon as possible

As soon as you realize you'll need outside help, begin your search to give yourself enough time to find the ideal individual and do the project effectively; if it's a rush job, pay more to compensate for the inconvenience.


How your business can attract big talent:

When it comes to finding bright, motivated experts, the competition can be strong, especially in the freelancing world. Large corporations can attract top people by offering enticing, desirable brand names and high-paying salaries. How can a business owner locate a creative resource to help the firm grow? What strategies can small firms use to attract top talent? We polled our talent acquisition teams to find out how tiny firms may become just as appealing to new hires as the market's big giants.


Contribute to their success

Most freelancers are aware that they must constantly update and improve their abilities in order to remain competitive in their areas. Supporting this type of learning will assist you in attracting the greatest employees.

How? Forbes recommends giving freelancers regular feedback, incorporating them in team events and training, and assisting them in building their personal brands and identities through publishing and speaking opportunities. So, instead of a seat at your next lunch and learn, ask if they'd like a login to your CRM. After your project is over, providing a referral to another client goes a long way.


Provide flexibility

It's not only about fancy amenities like free donuts and coffee or a good wifi connection; today's freelancers prefer to avoid working in a rigorous time-clock setting. Allowing for flexible working arrangements is a good idea. Allowing job candidates to work from home or set their own hours will go a long way toward persuading them to join your firm or project. Is your company located on the outskirts of a major city? Many creatives dislike traveling, so being willing to work remotely will give you more possibilities.


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