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Business Development Strategies For New Recruitment Agencies & Recruiters

Business Development Strategies For New Recruitment Agencies & Recruiters
November 11, 2021

Understanding how company development works are one of the most difficult aspects of starting a successful recruitment firm. Once you've mastered it, you'll be able to make the most of your time and accomplish all of your monthly goals with ease. While most recruitment agency owners recognize that recruiting is about more than just finding the right candidates, clients and filling roles, it's also about business development, which is critical for success. However, rookies may ignore this entirely. You must accept the fact that there will be no positions to fill or people to hire if no clients ask you to do so.


We've compiled a list of eight such methods for novice recruiting companies and recruiters to use!


Work on your brand identity

Branding is one of the most important corporate development tactics. Your potential clients will conduct an internet search for you. When customers search for your name on Google, they expect to see a far more professional and consistent presence that demonstrates your worth, hard work, and reputation. Simply put, before they spend their time and energy on you, these potential clients must be willing to trust you completely. As a result, devote effort to developing your web profile. Maintain professionalism on all social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Host a warm calling

Calling methods have evolved over time, and you've probably heard that cold calling is dead, but try it on a recruiter for a change! Before dialing their number, warm up your prospects. When they are on call with you, you must be able to tell them exactly who you are. For example, connect with a potential client on LinkedIn and go from there, or ask your current clients for an introduction.

When you start making these friendly calls, you'll notice how much this pays off. They don't do that for no reason!


Quality over quantity

Making hundreds of dials in the hopes that the rules of probability will lead you to your sales targets is a BD strategy that will lead to nowhere. The days of KPIs based on call volume are long gone!


Yes, you should pick up the phone as often as possible, but the quality of your calls is far more important than the quantity. And what's the secret to getting higher-quality calls from your prospects? You're conducting research.


You'll have a much better chance of conversion if you're in a position where you can have a more interesting conversation right away because you know exactly who you're contacting, what they do, and what their hiring difficulties are.



Success stories

You can scream and rave about your and your agency's financial success all you want, but where's the proof?

Prospects will be hearing identical recruitment pitches from a slew of other recruiters every day. Therefore the thing that will most likely persuade them to choose you is some proof that you perform exceptional work.


If you have a good relationship with a client or if you have helped them with a specific difficult challenge that the prospect can relate to, approach them and ask for a testimonial (video testimonials are particularly effective in BD) that you can post on your website or even send directly to prospects via email.



You want to make sure that the call always closes with a mutually agreed-upon action step, whether it's a follow-up call in a few weeks, a meeting next month, or a job order to be issued. That way, you can put more attention towards what actually matters most in the relationship: doing the work and getting compensated.


If you don't leave clear action steps at the end of a call, there's a strong chance you won't hear from that prospect again. You are a lot more likely to stay top of mind and meet again if you have both committed to something, even if you haven't yet won the prospect's business.


Don't fear rejection

Some prospects will not work out at first, no matter what you try. They may not require your assistance right now, or they may not yet recognize your worth. That's fine; all you have to do now is keep going.


This does not imply that you flood prospects with messages. Instead, it indicates that you should keep the relationships going while focusing on generating value. Check-in with a prospect on a regular basis to see how they're doing. When you hear good news about their firm, reach out to congratulate them. Share articles you think they'll enjoy.

You'll stay top of mind if you keep the relationship going, and you'll gradually earn the prospect's trust. That trust could turn into a business opportunity in the future.


Research and dig deep

It's not enough to have a Business Development strategy for the sake of having one. Before calling a potential client, you need to do some research. The point is that you must pitch your agency to them in order for them to hire you.


As a new recruiting entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that your business development strategy must center on gaining their trust to achieve your long-term business objectives. When you demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their firm, they will recognize that you have done your homework and, who knows, they may consider entrusting their employment needs to you.


Discuss candidate profiles

When your recruitment agency closes a deal with a customer, it's time to take a work order. There's a lot to discuss before sending out ideal candidate profiles, but make sure you do it with extreme caution and precision. Using an Applicant Tracking System, sort the best resumes according to your client's needs and goals. Nowadays, recruiting is all about automation, so make sure your firm is using the most up-to-date ATS and CRM software available.


Following a job order, your major priority should be to narrow down the elements such as title, qualifications, appropriate work experience, and so on.

You should, however, inquire about your client's previous hires and existing personnel.


Things will not always go as planned in your business development strategy, no matter what you do. It's possible that some potential clients won't bother to react to your messages. Keep in mind, however, that this does not imply that you will spam them with messages. Check-in with your clients on a regular basis to see how they're doing, and contact out to congratulate them anytime you hear good news about their business. You'll be able to keep them for a longer period of time if you keep a professional relationship going.

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