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Building your brand as a freelancer

Building your brand as a freelancer
July 30, 2021

First and foremost, congratulations on pursuing this much-loved, much-envied, and, oh yes, very Instagram-worthy lifestyle. Being on the other side, you understand the situation. Most of the time, you've been reminded of the dangers of being a freelancer, with unpredictable cash flow, unprecedented time management, and your professional status risking the same consequences as the country's third gender.


What is personal branding? 

Consider this: you are the face of your freelancing project business as a solopreneur. What other people think of you has an impact on your freelance career's success. Do they think highly of you? Do they regard you as resourceful and capable, as well as highly skilled and experienced? Why?

The concept of creating a personal brand and articulating your brand statement makes perfect sense. Your personal brand is essentially your reputation.

When it comes to establishing oneself as an expert in your field—whether it's as a freelance web designer, freelance net developer, data scientist freelance worker, photographer, or writer, your reputation is what sets you apart from the competition and allows you to leave a favorable, long-lasting impression on your target clients.


Why is personal branding a great option?

Making a conscious decision to create your branding can help you properly lead your freelance business. Here are some of the main causes for this:


Choose your target audience: 

You'll be able to enhance your business message and reach the proper audience if you figure out your personal brand. Individuals connect and relate to people, not brands, in business and life. You can start using this personal branding statement to establish a virtual team and community and attract like-minded gig workers, bench employees, and clients for you if you can define what you stand for and what values your business upholds.


Share your skills 

Another significant advantage of developing a personal brand is the opportunity to gain trust from your target audience and establish oneself as a subject matter expert. Clients looking for resource providers on a contract would reach out to you as you create a trustworthy relationship with your clients. You'll start getting referrals and inquiries from people you've never done business with as soon as you get yourself established as an authority in your field. That's exactly what you'll need for your freelance business to succeed.


Build trust with your audience 

As your personal branding becomes stronger and more memorable over time, it will become a competitive advantage. People will trust you to deliver the same level of quality and competence even if you move out into other areas and start offering a new workforce as a service (WaaS). Plus, in the long run, having a strong personal brand and providing the topmost talented freelancers in the world will allow you to charge higher rates and work on a wider range of projects.

Let's look at the finer points of creating a personal brand image from the ground up now that we've set the tone for your latent potential and constructed a promising beginning. Let's take a look at everything right now-


Keep your social media game strong 


Bloggers aren't the only ones who use social media to advertise themselves and make money. The days are gone when social media used to be counted as an unutilized resource. It's recently become one of the most important tools for developing a personal brand and identifying with your target audience and potential clients. Nowadays people spend the majority of their time on social networking websites, and you're mistaken if you assume it's solely for leisure and entertainment.

You'll soon find yourself surrounded by an audience that looks up to you if you continue to develop your credibility by sharing bench resources and your behind-the-scenes and professional triumphs. As a result of the audience you've developed around you, you'll be able to attract clients who are eager to collaborate with you.


Let them know the face behind your work

Continuing on from the preceding point, your investment bears fruit. If you care about your work, you won't be afraid to talk about it or share it. One of the most important aspects of being a freelancer is being proud of and confident in your work.

Rather than employing a faceless logo, try displaying a large number of your photos. With so many photographers out there, getting a personal brand photoshoot has never been easier. Just a friendly reminder that photoshoots aren't exclusive to bloggers and models. If you start giving your audience a face to interact with on your website and social media handles, you can portray your lifestyle in a much richer way.


Your brand should reflect your personality 


What distinguishes barber A from barber B? By giving your brand more personality, you'll be able to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Your personal brand is strongly ingrained in your true self. Personal branding is to make you famous for who you are, what you believe in, and what you do for others.

You can easily hire a python developer to curate the perfect website and design you want for your personal brand. Consider what makes you unique. Identify your greatest or most memorable attributes for which you want to be remembered, and then focus on developing your freelance brand around them. Your online and offline personal brand should accurately reflect the value you can provide to consumers and others in your global virtual team and network.


Creating expertise in your field 

When attempting to build name recognition in your field of expertise, keep your customer in mind. Make sure your name provides a great impression that distinguishes you from the competitors. You must not only be good but also unique to create a successful brand. Differentiation usually comes by focusing on a small segment of your field and dominating it. When your name and personal branding statement are repeated to persons in your target audience, you will develop credibility, respect, and even admiration over time. Maintaining visibility both online and offline will earn you expert status, and your strong brand will help you succeed in your field.


Create an About Me page on your website 

Include intriguing or personal facts about yourself in your biography or About Me page as another wonderful method to display your own brand. Use that area to recount the tale of how you arrived at your current location. Discuss your background, why you chose this career path, and what doing this work means to you.

Many people enjoy inserting a non-sequitur in their biography, such as how much they enjoy tacos. I believe this is acceptable, but I would make certain that it is consistent with the rest of your biography. A collection of random information about yourself can resemble a survey or a Facebook post.

In the end, an About Me page is a means for you to market yourself to your potential client. You want to highlight your skills and experience while also displaying your personality, but you don't want that to be the only thing people remember after reading the page.


Showcase your passion for the brand

Your internet platform could be the ideal venue for you to share something you care about. The majority of firms, particularly large corporations, have a charitable component.

Include a cause or event that you care about on your freelancing website or in your job if you have one. Perhaps you could donate a portion of your revenues to your cause, or ask others to contribute a portion of their earnings when they work with you. Being an active part of your community is also something you might wish to emphasize.


Work on building associations 

Creating unforgettable, long-lasting associations in the minds of your potential customers is one of the finest ways to build a personal brand. Rather than continually pushing yourself and your freelancing services, talk about what makes you happy. Create the pillars of your personal brand and define your personal influence space by leveraging your work-related passions, hobbies, and issues in which you can truly exhibit your knowledge. What should people think of you and your freelance business when they think of you?


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