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Best Paid Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

Best Paid Jobs & Career Opportunities in India
July 02, 2020

Which are the best paid Jobs or Career options in India ?

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work and the only way to do great work in to love what you do. We are all aware of the current employment rate in India. Finding a job has been a tough task. Lots of people are sitting jobless and unemployed at home. One very basic reason for unemployment is the lack of awareness of different kinds of jobs and career opportunities available in India. Here in this article, some highest paid jobs in India has been covered. This will help freelancers to identify freelance Job or Project opportunities on Java, .Net, PHP, Embedded, Data Science, Python, React, Node, Angular, Data entry, content writing, translation jobs and projects in cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow etc


IT & Software Engineers 

In recent years, IT industry has reached it's peak giving employment to many engineers and all of them are well established. A lot of IT professionals have been hired by the entrepreneurial firm and sartups and work as the backbone of the digital industry. Be it the education industry, Edtech, Fintech, Blockchain, AI, HRTech, aggregators, Logistics, Robotics or E-Commerce software engineers are in crazy demands.

Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Business Analyst, you will be expected to provide technical solutions to business problems. Generally, people do not rely on age-old technology rather there are new software solutions to scan and dig the data to predict the future growth of the business. For such issues, you'll be considered as a great resource because your data will help the organisation to develop strategies and long term plan


Commercial Pilot

It is one of the highest paying jobs in India and for young aged people, the role of being a commercial pilot is surely a dream come true. For being a commercial pilot one has to undergo certain protocols and also some strict aspects through which you'll be judged. There are even physical requirements such as perfect vision. The jobs of a pilot are highly demanded in India until the Covid 19 crises has brought it down to its lowest level but it may bounce back as Air Travel has become the necessity in the fast paced world.


Merchant Navy Jobs

Merchant shipping centres have always been known to provide good packages to it's workers. One has to pursue Maritime courses associated with the jobs. This sector provides the job of Navigation Officer, Electro Technical Officer, Captain etc. This job basically suits those who are a travel freak and want an adventurous and sea faring life. The salary begins from a monthly package of 2 lakhs with multiple incentives.


Design & Architects

Creativity is an art and an Art has always been in demand. It was adored by people centuries back and it will be admired centuries later. With the change in trends, the field of architecture also keeps evolving. Creative and skilled architects will always be in demand. Architects who are up to date with such latest trends often find themselves in planning for big companies, rich business mens and other structures for their clients. It is one such field where one may easily set up their own business.


Fashion Professionals 

Fashion industry is not just glamorous and glitzy but also full of promises, profit and money. To thrive in this field one must have a genuine interest in Fashion. Manish Malhotra is one such example. Some high paying jobs in this industry are that of Modelling, Fashion Designer, Fashion photographer, Makeup and Beauty Artists etc. Once you are successful in this field you have high chances of entering the Television Industry or Big Screens.



Freelancing is also a good career choice as the developed economies look for cheaper resources and India is one of the best location to have English speaking resources available in abundance. Majority of India's population is young and millions of qualified professional makes an ideal choice for overseas clients to get Freelance service. Some of the Free Freelancing platforms like OnBenchMark helps Freelancers to get project opportunities from global clients.


The aspirants of people should be in line with the career they want to pursue to lead a fulfilling and rewarding professional life. And indeed working towards building a remarkable career that leads you to your dream lifestyle is a goal that everyone wants to achieve.


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