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A Guide to Remote Hiring in India

A Guide to Remote Hiring in India
August 11, 2021

What is a remote hirer/recruiter?


A recruiter is a professional whose duty is to discover qualified candidates for a particular job opening. They are in charge of ensuring that a company's flexible hiring objectives are met by filling open positions with talented individuals.


Contract resource recruiters work hard to locate candidates within specific geographic boundaries.


Remote recruiters differ from local recruiters. Remote recruiters search for applicants without regard to geography, allowing them to expand their skill pool. They concentrate their efforts in growing areas and overseas, where they can conduct just in time hiring of skilled individuals.


Thousands of firms used remote recruiting as a primary technique of acquiring personnel for their teams before the pandemic. Remote recruitment has expanded much more now that most organizations have had firsthand experience with remote labor.



Remote hiring in India:


In India, many hiring managers and organizations rely extensively on remote working jobs. Although remote hiring has several advantages, it is not without its drawbacks for recruiters. They have to deal with the constant curveballs that come their way.


Hiring managers have numerous challenges when it comes to finding suitable employees for remote jobs online. The hurdles are never-ending, from recognizing candidates' abilities to tactics for recruiting talent to manage remote staff.


They also need to figure out the most acceptable remote hiring tactics and be active on the best online freelance platforms to locate qualified individuals.

Recruiters must reconsider their hiring practices in light of the problems provided by remote hiring in India.


This blog will discuss how recruiters may maintain business values while hiring and attracting the best candidates. We'll also go over the best platforms and technologies for enabling remote recruiting in India.



How do I maintain my company's values while hiring?


Educate them about your values.

Recruiters must look for applicants that share their beliefs and ethics when working remote work from home jobs. The necessity of establishing ground rules before the selection of candidates cannot be overstated.


Make it clear what they may expect in terms of work and collaboration. To attract the best candidates, mention these in your job description.


Comprehend your purpose of hiring.

Recruiters must question themselves "why" they are hiring. Take a moment to document your method before diving in. It's a massive fail if you don't know what you want the individual you're recruiting to do. It's critical to have explicit knowledge of the job description and the recruit's role.


Use value-based strategies while conducting the interview.

You might also utilize value-based tactics like roleplaying and a follow-up question game when shortlisting prospects. These methods can help you find individuals who are compatible with your company's culture and values. It will also assist you in comprehending their mental processes.


Conduct Personality and Cognitive tests

When evaluating candidates, apply personality and cognitive tests in addition to analyzing their actual talents. These metrics will help you in gaining a better knowledge of your potential employees. Furthermore, they would enable you to select better-qualified people for the job and share your beliefs and values.



How do I attract the right recruit for my company?


Having a global virtual team, an excellent online presence, and developing a solid brand is a terrific strategy to earn an employer's reputation. It aids in the recruitment and retention of competent and talented employees.


Candidates are more likely to learn about your firm through your web presence.


As a result, building a brand reputation online for a wider reach becomes even more critical. When doing remote interviews, effectively demonstrate your company's culture and assist possible applicants in visualizing themselves as a member of your team.


Another crucial factor is to project a sense of trustworthiness by developing appealing social media profiles and informative websites.

Here are some ideas for planning your remote hiring strategy.


Present your work culture

As a recruiter, you want to work with like-minded people, people who share your beliefs. As a result, you must convey the same message to your candidates. Make sure they understand what you're searching for and what's most important to your virtual team.


Conduct in-person meetings

Every company attends conferences frequently. It might be a once-in-a-while get-together. Using videos and images to display such in-person encounters can be a practical approach to attract the right people.


Describing your working ways

Everyone understands that people working part-time remote jobs want to set their own working hours. Despite this, they still want to learn about a job and the responsibilities that come with it. As a result, it's critical to describe the flexible working hours jobs you provide.


Giving them a window into a regular day at work can help them appreciate the work-life balance you provide.


Including employee testimonials

Employee testimonials are another effective tool for acquiring top talent. Ask your remote workers to share their experiences at the company and why they chose to work there in the first place to do this effectively. Storytelling has the power to inspire people, especially if they are already halfway there.


Tools you can use to conduct remote hiring in India:

It's critical to employ powerful tools when recruiting remotely to ensure everything runs properly. Finding platforms and cooperating with them to advertise your jobs is also crucial.


For the various stages of the remote hiring process, all recruiters should consider some platforms and technologies.


For online video conferences

In the remote employment process, interviews are crucial. As a result, you should avoid settling for mediocre platforms. Zoom and Appear are two of the top solutions on the market.


For timezone management

Many of the contenders may be working in various time zones. As a result, while scheduling interviews, you'll need to manage and convert timezones. Some of the tools you shall consider include Worktimebuddy, Everytimezone, and Spacetime.


Application Trackers

Workable, BambooHR, and Lever are one of the most well-known application tracking solutions. However, these can be prohibitively expensive. As an alternative, you can use project management software like Asana or Trello. Set up folders in your email clientele and form responses as another choice.


For team communication 

Internal team communication is crucial when it comes to remote hiring. It should be a breeze to discuss the new hire or the one under consideration with the hiring staff. For this, you can use Slack to create a channel.


For conducting surveys

When it comes to remote hiring, every recruiter must design surveys and questionnaires. They're a valuable tool for receiving feedback as well as offering information about the candidate.

Some of the more reliable tools include Google Forms and Typeform.


Final thoughts


Remote hiring can help you save time and boost your productivity. It also provides recruiters with access to highly talented individuals while also saving money compared to standard hiring approaches.


However, remote work jobs must be approached with just a little bit of caution.


If you don't do so, your workflow may be disrupted, resulting in lower production. Recruiters must effectively express their corporate values and culture to candidates and explain why they're hiring and what they're looking for.


If you're a hiring manager, the experts' ideas and strategies listed above can help you improve your remote hiring techniques. In today's workplace, remote hiring in India provides many benefits that no recruiter should overlook.

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