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7 Most Popular Work From Home Jobs

7 Most Popular Work From Home Jobs
August 24, 2021

Before we go into the work from home jobs subject, keep in mind that India's total unemployment rate remains at 17.6%, according to The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. This depicts how tough it is to find work in 2021 right now.

On top of the current unemployment rate, making this an even more pressing matter. As the coronavirus has spread throughout our country, several enterprises in India's major service industries have had to wave off a large number of working nomads or cut a substantial portion of their revenue.

This pandemic is wreaking havoc on industries such as travel and tourism, fashion and clothes, hospitality and tourism, and the food business.


You will not climb the ladder and reach the top of the hierarchy unless you are a highly skilled professional in your industry.

We understand that receiving a promotion or a raise is exciting, but you should keep in mind that this is not something that happens every week. Since the lockout, the number of work-from-home jobs in India has risen dramatically. We've got you covered if you've been laid off, had your pay reduced, or are unemployed and looking for something productive to do.

What is the best way to look for part-time work from home jobs in India? This is a question that is frequently asked these days. You might think "remote working jobs" is a joke when you hear it in India. Whether or not there is a pandemic, home-based work has become a severe trend in India.


India is the world's second-most populous country, making it necessary for every individual to work to survive and maintain a certain quality of living. Freelancing websites such as OnBenchMark offer genuine temp work-from-home jobs in India that do not demand registration for this purpose.


Work from home jobs in India:

To do most of the professions on this list, you don't need any unique talents or degrees. You can begin these contractual job in India opportunities by enrolling for free or creating an account. Here is a list of the most popular online jobs available in India:


Social media manager

The field of social media administration is expanding, and it demands you to manage the social media accounts of small, medium, and large businesses. Even public personalities and celebrities require social media managers. If you're looking for a means to work from home in India, this is one of the most fantastic options.

You might be thinking why people don't just run it themselves if it's just handling social media. Companies and celebrities, for example, don't have the time or energy to manage their social media accounts, and they also want someone to post on their behalf.

It is your responsibility to do so for them.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn will become full-time jobs for you. Several companies can assist you in beginning your social media management adventure.



Knowing your original language and a second or third language can today be highly beneficial.

You can use your abilities on these freelance websites if you are fluent in Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Tamil, Telegu, and other languages. You can get started right now on OnBenchMark!


These genuine remote jobs from home come with no-cost registration and might help you pay your bills and rent.

You will be approached by a variety of Indian and Western corporations, as well as authors.


Content writer

There are numerous kinds and forms of writing and producing articles that fall under content writing. It can include articles, blogs, webpages, copywriting, product descriptions, poems, and stories, among other things.


Consider this the greatest part-time/full-time work from home job in India if you enjoy expressing yourself via words.

It's a chance for you to express yourself and have an impact on others. If writing is something you've wanted to do for a long time and is either your job choice or a title on your bucket list, this could be an excellent alternative for you. This is the best work-at-home opportunity India has to offer.

You can choose from various writing niches, including website and blog writing, news writing, creative writing, and much more.

A content writer can work in a variety of settings and make money. Bloggers can make over a million dollars per month.

Being a poet or a writer can bring you notoriety, wealth, and respect. Technical and news writing are also viable online career options. Many game writers and scriptwriters are getting paid well and being recognized for their work these days.


Web developer

This is one of the most popular internet professions that anyone may do. They've become a penny a dozen, and if you're not competitive, you'll lose money. If the profession is losing its worth, how does it list the most fantastic online jobs in India?

We’ll tell you something: becoming a top-notch freelance web developer should be your goal because being the best in class will help you deepen your pockets if you want corporations to place a search bounty on you so that they can offer you a job opportunity.

Web developers make between 1.5 lakh and 2 lakh a month working online.


Virtual assistant

By doing administrative activities and keeping everything organized, a virtual assistant aids in the management of a company's data. Virtual assistant jobs are for freelancers who work from home or a remote location. You must complete a variety of activities, including writing and responding to emails. You'll also need to use PowerPoint to produce corporate documents and Excel to enter data.

You're also in charge of handling business questions, maintaining blogs, websites, and sales statistics, among other things.

Working as a virtual assistant can provide you with a good salary, help you pay your bills, and meet all of your essential needs.


Online tutor

Online tutoring is another high-paying work-at-home option. You can start your online tutoring sessions if you are talented enough or have mastered a field, such as digital marketing, culinary, modern dance, martial arts, stock market, and so on.

There is no limit to how many people can buy your course.


Call center jobs

Are you thinking about working from home in a call center? Then this is a possibility for you. Work from home and make a solid living answering phone, confirming information, and conducting interviews. The representative at a Call Center

Work opportunities in this field can be found on several freelance websites in India. You'll need a good computer, phone equipment, and software to connect them all.


Final thoughts:

So, here is a list of the top 10 pay-well work-at-home jobs in India. They only require a basic skill set and education, making them suitable for anyone. College students, professionals, homemakers, semi-skilled employees, and dropouts all fall into this category

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