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17 Best Free Online Courses For Freelancers

17 Best Free Online Courses For Freelancers
September 02, 2021

Have you ever pondered on how to speed up your writing? These online classes are simple to use and a lot of fun! You already know as a freelancer that working hard isn't enough to raise your rates. Many hardworking freelancers go unpaid. To advance your job, enroll in web courses and educational websites that can help you improve your freelancing services and skills.


Do you want to know what the best part is?


You don't have to invest a dollar in developing your writing and financial management skills, as well as understand the nuts and bolts of freelancing! Get started right now with these free online courses that are both instructive and practical and will help you get freelance work online.


The Crafty Writer

The Crafty Writer is a no-brainer when it comes to taking a creative approach to your professional development. It doesn't matter if you're working a part-time remote job or just getting started. These online lectures will teach you how to write with style. The best part is that the lessons are appropriate for everyone. The eight lectures cover many topics, including text mechanics, point of view, character creation, marketing, and more. All of the resources come with free tasks to help you self-analyze complex aspects of your writing.



Admit it, every freelancer who wants to boost their internet presence needs to learn cutting-edge skills. This online learning platform provides a wide choice of approved programs and courses to help you start earning money from home or significantly enhance your current income. The best part is that the courses are built around crucial interaction ideas. Meaning that, in addition to being free, they foster an online environment conducive to learning. The website's core classes are focused on design, entrepreneurship, technology, and creative arts.


Writing What You Know

If you're looking for a place to attend online classes to get your freelance writing career started, look no further—Writing What You Know is the place to be! These programs come with a free statement of participation, which sounds too good to be true. You will be able to effortlessly blend sensory sensations into your writing after completing this 8-hour study. The online lectures will also improve your observation skills and help you become a skilled fictional world developer.


Writing for the Web

Learning to write for an online freelance platform or on freelance projects on the web is the best method to accomplish your $120,000 salary target. Do you want to know how to organize your writing for a website? The training will assist you in better meeting the needs of your readers, allowing you to increase your conversion rate. That isn't all, though. You can explore various online freelance jobs such as web copywriter, web designer, technical writer, and social media manager if you pay attention to these online programs for writers.


English writing skills

Even seasoned freelancers need to exercise their writing muscles by experimenting with various styles. Learn how to express oneself artistically without breaking the bank to improve your writing. You will easily compose instructional, analytical, reflective, and opinionative papers after completing this course. Still not convinced? Those who achieve an 80 percent or above score will also receive free Alison certificates.


Introduction to Time Management

Take this helpful time management course online to learn how to excel in your freelance ventures. Have the responsibilities of your freelancing website ever made you feel overwhelmed? Don't miss out on this course, which will teach you the fundamentals of time management and transform you into a time-management expert. The art of delegating, the benefits of time efficiency, prioritization, and planning are all explored. One step at a time, realize your dream of becoming a high-achieving freelancer.


Planning for a secure retirement

Retirement planning is a complicated process that every freelancer should understand the basics of. To ensure a comfortable retirement, take Purdue University's Planning for a Secure Retirement course. Although the system will not replace years of hard work, it will get you started. You'll learn the ropes of retirement planning in a fun and effective way, thanks to interactive quizzes and valuable resources. But here's the kicker: each course module is only 10 minutes long, which means you'll save a lot of time.


Morningstar investing classroom

You can't afford a financial advisor, but you'd like to learn to make well-informed investing decisions. Visit the Morningstar Investing Classroom for high-quality teaching information on topics like stocks, funds, portfolios, and bonds. A series of fascinating lectures will educate you on the value of investing, how to do it properly, and when to begin. Even though the course is not linked with any schools or other educational organizations that provide online programs, Morningstar's reputation speaks for itself. Simply start and watch what happens!


Freelance taxation

Many freelancers are fearful of the forthcoming tax season's issues. No longer! These free online lessons will educate you on paying self-employment taxes correctly and help you break your tax procrastination problem. A qualified tax preparer who knows her way around deductions, planning, and other tax complexities, Susan Lee created the course. The elimination of significant hurdles to a successful self-employed existence will be significantly aided by well-organized information on receipt management and Social Security taxes.


Secret sauce

Are you sick of doing odd jobs and want to learn how to write high-converting copy that will make you a copywriting superstar? The good news is that Secret Sauce might be just what you're looking for! For freelancers who struggle with elegance and simplicity in their writing, this course is a must-take. By the end of it, you'll know how to write with the kind of finesse that Wall Street Journal journalists admire. Join the hundreds of independent learners who have already used Secret Sauce to break free from their 9-to-5 employment!


The strategy of content marketing

To succeed in today's highly competitive industry, every freelancer must understand the fundamentals of content marketing. This online course is a must-have resource for new and seasoned freelancers looking to develop their brands. After five weeks of intense study, you'll be able to incorporate a strategic framework into your material and increase its profitability. Begin right now!


Copywriting Masterclass

Try this revolutionary course from the comfort of your own home to become a freelance writing genius. Doru Catana will lead you through the essentials and details of the copywriting process in a series of hour-long classes, transforming you into a pro. The training is aimed to educate not only the craft but also how to find freelance jobs.


SEO 2018

You must understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization if you no longer dabbling in freelance writing and want to generate substantial money. The course, produced by a Cardinal Path co-founder, will teach you simple techniques for enhancing the visibility of your web content. Resources on the course website will assist you in increasing traffic to your pieces and tracking success in real-time. But wait, there's more: figure out your ranking and learn how to improve your content.


Creativity, innovation, and Change

Who doesn't enjoy easy no-brainers? You can substantially improve your creative muscles for as little as zero dollars. Enroll in this course to receive high-quality online education to increase your creative charisma and provide you with a never-ending supply of innovative recipes. Let's get one thing straight: creativity is a skill. The course will increase the flow of your creative juices and turn you into an invention machine, regardless of your current ability. It's going to be GREAT!


Design business foundations

Digital Strategy is perhaps the most reputable online school in the freelance sector, with thousands of approved online schools. Take its free business foundations course to see for yourself. The training is specifically developed for freelancers. As a result, it's ideal for propelling your one-person operation to new heights. The lessons offered by the institution are highly worth it if you have time to devote to learning! You'll also receive a complimentary certificate to brag about to your friends.


Diploma in web design

Many freelancers believe that having a Freelancer Job Portal is an excellent approach to advertise their services. And they are correct! Join this free web-building course to learn how to construct a professional-looking website. From welcome screens to advanced cascades and pseudo-elements, you'll learn everything there is to know about website building in ten to fifteen hours. Most importantly, you will receive an official Alison certificate to commemorate your achievement.


Email marketing

Marketing can take many different forms. Email is an integral part of every forward-thinking freelancer's marketing strategy. This course is an excellent place to start if you don't know what to say, where to start, or what resources to use. Each video class aspires to the standards of authorized online colleges and assists you in creating a successful email marketing campaign.


Final thoughts

Now that you know where to go for freelance inspiration, it's time to remind you of the value and attractiveness of online learning. As a freelancer, you're well aware that working from home gives you a substantial amount of flexibility. The same may be said for online education. When you opt to pursue a degree online, you control the type of classes you take, the time of day you study, and, most crucially, your speed. It doesn't matter where you are in your freelance profession right now; you can always develop it by taking one of the following courses and reading this freelance blog. Best of luck!

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