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RIYAZ (RID : 12et5l4y1yrr0)

designation   Python + Django Developer

location   Location : Pune

experience   Experience : 4 Year

rate   Rate: $16 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

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Key Skills
Python SQL MySQL MongoDB django React JS Java Script

RIYAZ 4 years | Python + Django Developer

Summary: M.Tech with 4+ Years of Experience as a Python Developer. Proficient in Python, SQL,  Flask/Django, JavaScript, React and other tools for Design, Analysis, Development,  Automation and deployment of applications with sustainability on AWS/Azure and  Maintenance of the same. Looking for some of the latest technologies building to utilize best in me.

∙ Experienced as a Python Developer in web development, application development &  automation.

∙ Skilled in Python scripting, OOP’s & functional programming along with libraries such as  Pandas, NumPy, Flask, Django, Sk learn, G spread, Requests, SMTP, Pickle, JSON, CSV etc.

∙ Extensive knowledge of working with SQL databases like SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite and  NoSQL like MongoDB.

∙ Expertise in building applications using Flask/Django and API's Integrations & Microservices  based on Pub/Sub.

∙ Experienced in Deployment of applications on AWS EC2 instance, AWS Lambda, AWS Connect,  and Azure CI/CD, Container App Services and Azure Service bus Pub/Sub.

∙ Experienced with front-end development using technologies (like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and  React.Js) 

Professional Qualifications Degree / Certification University / Institute Year of passing

M.Tech SRTM University 2017

BE Pune University 2015

HSCMEU College2010


Technical Skills

Languages Python, SQL, JavaScript

Framework Flask, Django, React.js

Database MySQL, SQL Server, NoSQL-MongoDB

Web Services yes

Stack Full Stack

IDE PyCharm, JyperNB, VSCode

Integration of Third-party  APIyes

Operating Systems Windows, Linux, MacOS

Project Experience Project Name Telecom CRM Application Development

Description: Data Collection, Analyzing, Scripting and Implementing several modules of  application, Developing various API’s, Build Chatbot integrated with Amazon Lex, Code  integration using Git, Deployment on AWS.

Responsibilities : To develop telecom Customer Relationship Management application

Tech Stack Python, SQL, Django, Postman, JavaScript, AWS Lex, Cloud Deployment

Team Size 8

Duration Approx. 14 Months

Project Justkr XCODE Technology

Description Designing, Coding and Implementing several modules of  

application, Developing various API’s, Micro services Integration development(Pub/Sub), UI, Code integration  using Git, Deployment on the Azure Cloud.

Responsibilities To develop employments or careers management application

Team Size 7

Technical Stack Python, SQL, Django, MicroServices, Postman, Azure  Deployment

Duration Approx.12 Months

Project Justkr Real Estates Analytics Application Development

Description Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Feature Engineering, Outlier Removal, Model  Building and Testing,Python Flask server, Website or UI, Deployment on  AWS and Dashboard access.

Responsibilities To develop web application to get future predictions in real  estate with maximum probabilistic index

Team Size 6

Technical Stack Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Python Flask server, HTML/ JavaScript, AWS cloud and Tableau

Duration Approx.12 Months

Project User Reviews Analysis application for E-Commerce Products

Description Data Collection, Web Scrapping, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis,  Datavisualization, Complete Application 

development(FrontEnd&BackEnd), Deploying application on AWS Cloud and  dashboard along with stories.


To develop review analysis application & get useful outcomes.

Team Size 


Technical Stack 

Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Flask API, HTML/CSS,  

Deployment on cloud, Tableau


Approx.12 Months

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