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RAJAT (RID : 157l8l5qgpips)

designation   Senior Salesforce Developer

location   Location : New Delhi

experience   Experience : 4 Year

rate   Rate: $19 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 3
Total Views : 188
Key Skills
Salesforce Apex Aura Lightning LWC Visual Force Java Script HTML CSS

4+ years of experience

Certifications :

Salesforce Platform Developer I

Salesforce Expertise :

Salesforce Lightning | Aura Component| LWC | Salesforce Backend| Commerce Cloud

Programming Languages :

Apex, JavaScript, Salesforce lightning Design System,

Web Technologies :

Visualforce, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Development Tool :

Post Man, Workbench,

Salesforce Components :

Process Builder, Apex classes, Triggers

Database :



Shopify, Stripe (Online Payment), Amazon Cognito(SSO), Microsoft Azure(SSO)


Project-1 Master Sheet

It is a master sheet project in which we have used lightning components where we have tabs to add projects which are in running/completed or failed also whenever any new member joins any team then Tl will approve his request and that member will log in to the Developer page.

Technology Used: Aura Bundle Components and Apex for the backend.

Project-2 Candidate Portal

It is a portal that is completed on lightning(Aura) basically this candidate has three forms in which we have to take its details, Qualification, and Experience if he/she has and the second tab shows its

details which are filled by the user and admin tab should be shown by Admin, not for the candidate.

Technology Used: Aura Bundle Components and Apex for the backend.

Project-3 Bank Account Form

It is a bank-based project in which we enter the information from the user and save its details. Also, we have added Credit and Debit functionality to the individual account. For Credit and Debit functionality we used Events.

Project-4 Account With Opportunity and Contact

It is an LWC task related to Account, opportunity, and contact, and accounts are shown in the picklist whenever we select an account from the picklist then its related opportunity and contact are shown in the lighting card, and clicking on contacts or opportunities we will display its details in a modal popup.

Project-5 Shopify Integration with Salesforce

This is the Integration project where we have to Integrate Shopify into Salesforce and Vice Versa.

Shopify makes all of this possible by giving you the ability to create products on your databases and adapting them to your specific needs. Shopify will also give webhook functionality and also I implemented it as well.

In this project with the help of Rest API, we get the product, orders, and customer records and Insert them into the Object into the Salesforce.

Project-6 Push DMG

This is the lightning base project where we can fetch the details of the opportunity based on Start Date and End Date then we can generate the Dynamic Reports in the data table and each Data table will show the different columns based on criteria. Also in each data table, we are calculating the percent and currency field type.

Project-7 CommerceV3(B2B LEX)

This Project is based on B2B Lex Commerce Cloud in which we have created a store and it is related to Book Store(Physical and Digital Products). We have also implemented Google Analytics to know how many users are active, how many pages the user views, and many more events. We have also implemented SSO Gmail functionality for our community users. also, we have sent our commerce orders to a Net suite with the middleware called Celigo regarding tax calculation we have set up the Avalara package. Also, we have implemented custom customer review functionality and promotion functionality.

Project-8 B2B Commerce Cloud

Initially, setup the org for one of our clients that includes tasks that are

  1. All the profile permission setup.
  2. Layout setup
  3. Object page layout setup
  4. Create a Store
  5. Connect Your Data to Your Store [ Community Setup etc.]
  6. Configuring, Customizing, and Publishing your store

Later, Integrated with SSO + Implement in the flow of B2B commerce cloud checkout flow

Project-9 Property Site:

  • In this project, we integrate Property Me with Salesforce.
  • First, the user has to authorize itself, and then on a button click, it fetches all the properties related to the user.
  • After selecting the particular property the user can proceed further.

In this, we have used the Community to interact with the users for getting information from users and to show the data after hitting API.

This project used both apex, aura, and LWC for development.

Technologies Used: Aura, Apex, Property Me Integration, Sites.

Project-10 E-Insure

In this project, we have used the community to interact with the users (i.e, the person who wants the insurance). It provides three types of insurance that are Individual, Joint, and company. And after the complete submission of the application, it sent the mail to the user and admin.

For Development, we used Aura, Apex, Custom metadata, and Custom Labels.

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