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Honey (RID : m3bkkzpfw8qg)

designation   React JS Developer

location   Location : Noida

experience   Experience : 3 Year

rate   Rate: $14 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 4
Total Views : 261
Key Skills
React JS HTML CSS JavaScript C C++ Visual Studio Material UI

****** Solutions Pvt Ltd (April 2018 - Current)

  • Currently working with **** Solutions Pvt Ltd as React JS Developer.

  • Using Visual Studio Code, created many dynamic react applications for various clients.

  • Understanding and assessing client requirements is an important skill I have mastered over all these years.

  • Sometimes giving new insights to the client about the direction of the project shells out more features and nuances from the initial roadmap. 

  • Working with both and large teams and using Git Control to the best knowledge so useful information is not lost.

  • Learning, practicing, and implementing new react techniques from time to time is how I stay ahead of the curve.


  1. DocDay

Project Description:

DocDay is a React-Web-Portal-App designed and developed for Doctors and Physicians. The App opens with a Login page for doctors to log in with their Name, Email and Passwords created using Protected Routes. After logging in, the doctor/physician can go onto different pages such as Homepage, Patients Section, Profile page, Settings and About page. Patients Page contains details of various patients for the day with information about their appointment time and urgency The UI and Experience subtly mimic that of a doctor’s notepad, laid out with clean and uncluttered UI which doctors always prefer. 

Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Custom UI,

Frameworks and Library - React.js 

Deployment URL - https:/honeysoniverse.github.io/doctor-portal/

2. Know Your Weather (KYW)

Project Description:

Know Your Weather is an API-based Web-App for getting current weather for just about any city in the world. KYW is developed using pure JavaScript, HTML, and beautiful CSS in mind. The page opens with a minimalist page using calm sunset colors and smooth CSS Animations. Enter the city name and the user is then shown a new card depending on whether it's day or night. The page is loaded with Icon animations and detailed weather reports about the city. 

Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Custom UI,

API: Open-Weather API

Deployment URL - https://honeysoniverse.github.io/Know-Your-Weather/

3. Sanskari Babuji

Project Description:

Sanskari Babuji is a Meme-App based on the meme about the infamous Alok Nath who does “kanyadan” in every Bollywood movie. The app has two fields where the user types out text in one field and text is returned into the bottom field. However, if the user uses Indian curse words or dirty slang common in the street language. Babuji converts the slang into good words using “sanskar”. The app uses regular expressions and detects most of the slang and gives it a fun twist.

Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Custom UI,

Deployment URL - https://honeysoniverse.github.io/Sanskari-Babuji-App/

  4. GitHub User Search App

Project Description:

A web app that uses the async/await function to fetch searched user information from the GitHub API using access tokens. The Page contains the search input and the search is shown after each keypress matching with the registered GitHub Users. The API returns the User Profile along with information about repositories and general information about the user.

 Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap,

Deployment URL - https://honeysoniverse.github.io/Sanskari-Babuji-App/

  5. Intelliatech Employee Portal

Project Description:

A vast Web-App-Portal for Company’s Employees with range of functionalities. The User is first sent to Login Page with subtle yet elegant animations. After the correct credentials of employee, the Dashboard and Home page for the employee is presented with range of information such as notifications from the team and other requests, upcoming holidays brought through API, upcoming birthdays of colleagues/friends, employees’ team members with info to contact them, new hires for the company that they might want to meet and chat. Other important functionality added was the leave application from the employee with a single click on a button. HR Department can use the application to directly send mail to fresh new hires and can see the documents uploaded through the same app. Other features include Check-In and check-out time of the employee. The whole layout and structure of the app is very minimalist yet completely feature rich. One App for everything related to the company.


Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Frameworks and Library – Bootstrap, React JS, Font Awesome, jQuery

Deployment URL - https://honeysoniverse.github.io/Sanskari-Babuji-App/

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