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Deepak (RID : 6v6vluqp2lnr)

designation   Lead Developer IOS

location   Location : Mohali, India

experience   Experience :  Year

rate   Rate: $14 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 1
Total Views : 31
Key Skills
ReactNative ReactJS Python Redux django HTML CSS


Highly skilled and motivated Full-stack Developer having 6+ years of experience in building
robust and scalable web and mobile applications. Proficient in React JS, Redux, React Native,
Selenium, Python, Django-Rest-Api, HTML, CSS, Git ,Bootstrap etc.
Professional Expertise
 6+ years of IT that involves extensive development work in React Native.
 Remarkable developing app for Android Phones and iPhones.
 Proficient with Android Studio, Android SDK, Xcode, Visual Studio Code.
 Strong Object Oriented Programming and Designing Skills.
 Working Experience in React JS And Python/Django.
 worked with many technologies and frameworks such as Django, Flask, and
Deployments. Managed, developed and designed a dashboard control panel for
customers and administrators using DJANGO API calls.
 Wrote Python routines to log into the websites and fetch data for selected options.
 Designed email marketing campaigns and crated interactive forms that saved data into
database using Django framework.
 Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking.
 Experience in Team handling and Client handling.

 Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) in CSE | BPIT (GGSIP University ) | Delhi
 Polytechnic Diploma in CSE |Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Delhi)

Skills & Abilities
 Programming language: React-Native, React JS, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS
 Operating system: Window, Ubuntu, Mac OS
 Designing Tools: VS Code, Android Studio, Xcode
 Databases: SQL and Firebase
 Source Control Systems: GIT

Management & Leadership skills
1. Positive Attitude 2. Deep and broad technical
3. Problem Solver 4. Great at time and task management
5. Excellent communication skills 6. Good team player
7. Efficient pragmatic 8. Straight to the point

Professional Experience

1. AbleAuctions App | LEAD DEVELOPER (IOS App) and Web

AbleAuctions is a React-Native app for a specific client's business purpose. In this app, the user
of that organization can log in and capture images from mobile and it will save in Firebase
storage, the can Rename, Delete and retake that existing image in the app. I created an admin
dashboard so that the admin can see all the images captured by all users and can download all
images in Zip.

URL : “Currently we are Testing in Test-flight”
Web URL : https://ableauction.essentialdemo.com/

2. ThinkCloudly | LEAD DEVELOPER (Android app)

ThinkCloudly is an E-learning application developed in React-native for Android users. I use
AWS-Dynamo DB in the Backend, In this App, the institute will upload course videos in DB and
then students can watch that course on this app.

App URL :

3. Project Title: Tricargo

URL: https://tricargo.aero/
[Flight search web app]

Technology: React, Typescript, GraphQL, Python, Fast API & Postgres

Summary: Tricargo.aero is a neutral flight search application for cargo. Tricargo offers various
analytical dashboards to members to leverage their business using AI and machine learning
technology. It delivers real-time rate comparison and real-time prices for available capacities
and directly booksinto the airlines systems for multiple airlines 24/7. Forwarder can request
quotes for shipments of all sizes - from 1kg up to 10 tones and GSSA (General Sales & Service
Agents) can review the quotes and provide a proper quotation for the Shipment. The
application allows airlines and GSAs to manage all quote and booking requests in one place.
Tricargo is owned by their members and not subject to any corporate commercial returns and
interferences. Main objective of Tricargo.aero is to make their clients more profitable
4. Project Title: Projaix

URL: http://qa.projaix.com/

Technology: Python3.7 (Django 3 Framework)

Summary: This is a ML based project in which the user will upload the images and he will get
the description of Vehicle for same. It also uses Airflow for creating tasks and super annotate
for displaying information. Super annotate SDK is used for fetching data from super annotate
and Boto3 is used for connection with s3 Couchbase is used as a Non-Structural database and
PostgreSQL for other requirements.

5. Hotspotz | LEAD DEVELOPER (Android app)

This React-native application is for Night-life and party-lover.It is a in-app Social media. User
can Post image, Videos, Like Comment, Share and can follow other get feed post. In this app
user can see parties venue via inbuilt-map. Vendors can add venue and Users can give rating
and review. I use GraphQL in backend.

App URL:

6. Bazaar | Developer (React JS )

It is a multi-vendor E-commerce website, on this platform, vendor can do registration and can
sale product , we use RozarPay Payment in this, Seller can add product, update quantity and
can delete products. User can add products to cart, pay online, share products and track the
WEB URL: https://bazar.thesst.com/

7. INSZN | Developer (React JS )
It is a multi-vendor,re seller, Auction, E-commerce website , on this platform vendor can do
registration and can sale product , again we use RozarPay Payment in this, Seller can add
product, update, delete products. User can add product to cart, pay online , share product and
track the delivery.
User can also add bid and can chat with Seller, We use Websocket for this Chatting feature
WEB URL: https://inszn.thesst.com/

8. Kuants | Developer (React JS )
It is an Algo-trading and mutual funds investment platform, where user can login, can create
and backtest the stock trading strategy and can also sale that strategy. We use Strip for this
payment feature. I worked on front-end as well as back-end(django-rest-api). On front end we
use React high charts to render stock data.
WEB URL: https://smart.kuants.in/
WEB URL: https://kuants.in/


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