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Darshan (RID : 19gk1l7ec360v)

designation   Senior Software Engineer

location   Location : Ahmedabad

experience   Experience : 4 Year

rate   Rate: $20 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : 2 Week

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 1
Total Views : 210
Key Skills
Embedded Linux AWS IOT Embedded Firmware Python Unix Shell Scripting Embedded C C++ ArduinoIDE
Darshan Pandya Senior Software Engineer My domain expertise is combined with both embedded and IoT. Being a Senior Software engineer with 4+ years of experience in developing codes for various embedded Linux and IoT projects, I focus on the exact requirements of clients and deliver scalable, easy to use and full fledged solutions. Few of my areas for solutions are Industrial IoT, smart Home, wearable devices, connected vehicles and IoT trainer kits. I can connect any IoT device as per its compatibility and can manage that as per any cloud architecture according to the use case. Few of my certifications and projects are as mentioned below. Important Credentials “Internet of Things Foundation Series” from AWS “Complete Python Programming Masterclass Beginner to Advanced” from Udemy “Getting started with Embedded AI | Edge AI” from Udemy Project Experience Remote monitoring and management, Solution Analysts Duration : 7 months This web application is the Industrial IoT platform for remote monitoring and management of Industrial assets [including various equipment and system devices]. This application provides various domains under one roof. Major features of the application include centralized monitoring of connected assets and autonomous assets. Asset utilization, condition based monitoring of assets, asset workflow automation, predictive maintenance, advanced analytics and reporting of various process parameters and user data. Responsibilities: Responsible for the setup of end to end architecture including IoT device management within AWS (from PoC to deliverable product / solution) as an IoT developer. Design and evaluate AWS architecture’s end to end flow from both cloud and device end. Managing AWS IoT core for MQTT broker, thing interactions, thing activities and groups, device registry, fleets provision. Create and trigger IoT rules to redirect multiple AWS services based on the mqtt topics. AWS IoT thing’s policy and security certificates management for privacy and security concerns. Develop codes [from scratch] for firmwares and SDK files used in controller / processor based devices to connect AWS endpoints via HTTP / MQTT [Publish / Subscribe topics] for different data operations. Help the development team to release features on time and resolve issues. To use Edge computing tools [like AWS greenGrass, IBM NodeRed] for online / offline functionalities to utilize for predictive maintenance. To deploy greengrass packages from cloud to local system to use lambda functions at Edge [on premises] to process data for ML models. Develop and deploy Edge computing functions in Industrial IoT gateways for locally connected assets and sensors data monitoring and analysis in both online and offline modes. [eg. Device plug and play functionality] To ensure fleet provision and management of connected devices from both cloud and device end. Developing and managing AWS Lambda functions for different features used in the AWS architecture. Developing AWS API gateways and its stages to handle HTTP requests and trigger AWS Lambda according to architecture flow. Develop and manage AWS dynamoDB tables to store device and sensor data that is directly coming from the device itself. Create and manage AWS IoT analytics and IoT sitewise resources as per the on demand requirement from industry clients. To work as an IoT developer by coordinating backend developers and hardware engineers. IoT application for Micro Mobility solution Duration: 5 months This IoT application is for docking stations situated at any remote locations. End user is having an e-bike(scooter) to dock with the station. There is also a mobile app to manage the user operations. Responsibilities: To set up the end to end architecture on AWS for the use case of the end user. Help the back end developer to implement the PubSub functions in nodeJS code. Create and manage the AWS dynamoDB tables for storing the values coming from the docking stations. Develop the sample firmware (in python) of the docking station to test the back end APIs. To help devOps engineer to set up AWS EC2 and IoT core services within the desired region. To ensure the docking station’s connectivity with the AWS MQTT broker by establishing such a stable connection and keep it secure. To manage JSON commands coming from the docking station to the AWS EC2 instance and vice versa. Smart home appliances Duration: 10 months These are smart home products available as WiFi / Bluetooth enabled devices and can be operated by mobile applications. Users can control / access all devices by time based alerts and predefined condition based triggers for each device. Responsibilities: To develop and manage firmware / embedded code of smart devices for WiFi / Bluetooth operations. Develop serverless data flow by utilizing the maximum of AWS IoT core for device management and make fault tolerant, secure and cost-optimized AWS architecture. Develop complex codes to connect devices with Local router and then
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