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Ashwanth (RID : 12et5l4y4wjbw)

designation   Devops Analyst

location   Location : Noida, India

experience   Experience : 6 Year

rate   Rate: $14 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

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Total Views : 62
Key Skills
WordPress Woocommerce Java Java Script Node.JS MongoDB MySQL Oracle HTML CSS


● 5+ years of experience in Jenkins, Nodejs, Express, SonarQube, Linux commands, Veracode, MongoDB, Oracle, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, Java etc.

● Have good experience in creating docker images

● Have good experience in creating CI/CD pipeline, Manage microservices.

● Have good experience in Reducing manual work in code and perform code automation

● Good knowledge in working in microservices architecture.

● Proficient in Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JAVA, ReactJS, Android

● Have 5+ years of experience in Deploying microservices managing Deployments.

● Have good knowledge on working closely with developers.

● More than 5+ years of programming in JAVA and JavaScript Applications, JDBC Configurations, Deployment, Managing NPM Modules, Optimizing Database Operations. ● Have experience on working in multiple Projects.

● Well versed in Optimizing Code Base and Program efficiently

● Have a good knowledge to grasp the business behind the project and make decisions effectively

Technical Skills

E-Commerce Platform WordPress, WooCommerce Integrations Language Java, JavaScript, Nodejs, MongoDB, MYSQL, ORACLE , HTML, CSS, LINUX SCRIPTS, Vanilla JS, Python IDE IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse, VS Code, Android Studio, IDLE Frameworks and Concepts ReactJS, Nodejs, Express JS, Socket IO Programming, Caching Configurations (Redis Server Management), Multi threading, Sync Tasks, Nodejs Promise, Salesforce, Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline, Linux commands for server management, Postman, XML- >JSON Mapping, Configuring Cron Jobs, Automating Deployment process from SCM to Server, Excel functions and pivot tables, Website Traffic analysis (Google Analytics, Google Search Console Management), APACHE SERVER, NGINX SERVER CONFIGS Database MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Derby SCM Tools Git, GitHub, SVN

Project 1: Human Capital Management Analyst and a Developer - US Project The project scope was to manage their HCM Software business process using Salesforce and also to efficiently create a pipeline to automate their manual process. Created a Python project that helped them to create and validate a given large Data excel file before uploading it into their server.


● Business Analyst and a Python Developer

● Was responsible to manage the client’s client on their onboarding process.

● To Manage their Salesforce CRM

● Create a python project to manage their imports Environment: Python, Salesforce, Excel, PowerPoint

Project 2: DevOps Engineer on an HCM - Ceridian


● To manage the CI/CD Pipeline

● Create a Pipeline for pushing new microservices to Deployment from SCM.

● Managed and Maintained their Veracode to find a vulnerability in their Microservices.

● Inspected and configured microservices to SonarQube to test the Code Quality and Code Security

● Deployed angular projects to Linux server and configure them to work with the microservices

● Wrote shell scripts to configure ports, Memory, CPU Usage, etc. for microservices

● Create CI/CD Jobs to manage dev, staging, and production environment.

● Managing Jenkins in Windows Server Environment: JAVA, SonarQube, Shell Scripting, Linux Commands, Veracode, Swagger UI, Microservices, Jenkins, Eclipse, NetBeans, SVN, Apache Server Configuration

Project 3: worked on Invoicing and Barcode, QR Code Generation Software – Simpson’s Group


● maintained app that helps them in generating invoices and creating and managing barcodes, QR codes to manage stocks

● Optimized database operations on retrieving large datasets

● Develop Nodejs App modules

● Create Mongoose Models

● Create Docker images

● Manage docker swarm.

● Establish connection with MongoDB database (NoSQL) and perform queries.

● Create and check API POST, GET, DELETE routes.

● Create Jenkins Pipeline to deploy the Nodejs app

● Manage SCM for code commits

● Configure Redis Server

● Setup and maintain Linux servers

● Managed Nginx and Apache server

● Maintained 99% uptime in managing servers

● Create shell scripts to manage deployment Environment: React JS, Nodejs, MongoDB, Express, Redis Server Config, Figma, Materialize UI, docker image, docker swarm, docker

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