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  • Hire Immediate joiner on-contract /part-time
  • Deploy or bill your bench resources
  • Connect directly with clients


  • Get project work at zero commission
  • Connect directly with clients
  • Create virtual team & grow

Find & hire contract /part-time talent

Join the network community of businesses & bill your bench
  • Connect & collaborate

    Join networked community of companies to deploy & bill your bench on contract or get projects.

  • Top talent on demand

    Hire the top rated Contract /part-time talent in a day

  • Get Immediate Joiner

    Get immediate joiner on contract/ part-time from the biggest pool of bench.

  • Find talent your way

    Connect directly with bench employers or freelancers at zero commission.

Find freelance work at zero commission

Connect directly with clients at zero commission and get project work from global clients. Create your virtual team to grow as freelancer
  • Freedom as a freelancer

    Get freedom and autonomy as freelancer to work directly with clients.

  • Find work at Zero commission

    Stop paying commission to freelancing sites for your hard work.

  • Create virtual team

    Create your virtual team and connect with fellow freelancers to execute bigger project

  • Connect directly with clients

    Connect directly with global clients without any restrictions.

How it works

Join the business community to hire immediate joiner on contract from real time bench resource pool. Deploy & bill your bench.

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Sign Up for free If you have a hiring need for Immediate Joiner or have bench employees / looking for clients.

Upload Bench /Post Job

Post a job if you need immediate joiner on contract/ part-time. Upload profile of employees to deploy to clients

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Connect directly with clients or bench employer and hire/deploy resources.

Contract Jobs Skills

Quick glance on some of the top skills our partners are hiring.

Freelance Job Skills

Quick glance on some of the top skills our partners are hiring.

What Our Clients Says

Frequently asked questions

As a freelancers you just need to login and apply to the job against any jobs /project and directly connect with client. You can either send a message through internal chat or send an email and you can also directly call the client, if the client has given access to his/her phone number

Freelancers can have an agreement with the client and can work at his /her own terms & conditions as we are connecting freelancers directly with client.

No, it’s not mandatory to work only at hourly rate. You can discuss with the client about fixed rate or monthly rate also.It entirely depends on your preference and agreement between freelancer & client

No, it’s not only for freelancers. Client select an option for only freelancers but if they have chosen an option of Contract that mean they are also open for bench resources.

As a Business you just need to login and search for freelancer and directly connect with the freelancer.Client can view the contact details of freelancers as paid member

Company can have an agreement with the freelancer as per agreed terms & conditions and directly pay in his/her account without any commission to be deducted by OnBenchMark

Write to us atinfo@onbenchmark.com
Let’s talk+91 97189 28125
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