IT Companies may have an opportunity to grow without worrying about the billing loss, because of lack of projects or Bench loss. Companies can update their real time On Bench employees at OnBenchMark. We keep  full confidentiality of registered user's of employees or there contacts details, unless they are shortlisted and approved by the company for any potential project.

Our Platform gives Small and Medium IT companies, a liberty to hire resources without worrying about the billing loss of those additional resources as we are providing a platform which can help IT Companies to Share/Loan the resources with other Companies for Flexi staffing  or  Contractual staffing needs.

Employer of resource can quote their cost of the resources and update other required details on OnBenchMark and prospective clients can identift those resources form the available database along with the date of availability for respective resources. OnBenchMark will charge a nominal fee of 5% of billing amount from Employer of the Resource.