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Key Skills
Amis cloud watch linux VPC Subnets Route Table Internet Gateways Elastic IPs Security EC2

➢     Basic Knowledge of Virtualization Environment using VMware ESXI 6.0, VMware VSphere

➢     Knowledge of Aws CloudWatch, Zabbix & Cacti Monitoring.

➢     EC2 :-     Knowledge of EC2 Instances, AMIs, EBS Volume, Snapshots, Lambda,Network & Security :- Security Groups, Elastic IPs,

➢     VPC :- VPC, Subnets, Route Table, Internet Gateways, Elastic IPs Security :- Network ACLs, Security Groups.

➢     Knowledge S3 ( simple storage service ), IAM ( Group,Users,Roles,Policies ) & ClowdWatch Monitoring.

➢     Basic Knowledge of Lambda Function start & stop script .

➢     Knowledge of Installation & Configuration of CentOS and Ubuntu

➢     SSH, Telnet, Cron Job.

➢     Basic Knowledge of LVM Partitioning storage.

➢     Knowledge Zimbra Mail Server ( installation and troubleshooting ).


Apache, DNS, FTP Configuration.

➢     Handle User, Group, File & Directories Permissions and reset passwords

➢     Create & Mount Partitions of Linux Server

➢     Allow Port, Enable or Disable Firewall in Linux System

➢     Knowledge about CSF firewall.

➢     Knowledge of Linux Network Configuration, start or restart Services

➢     Entry in Dns of Record A, Cname, Mx Record, Ns Record.

➢     Knowledge of Monitoring on Zabbix Server, Cacti Server Create Alert and Monitored.

➢     Knowledge of Installation Zabbix Agent & Snmp for Cacti on Windows & Linux Based Servers.

➢     Installation and Configuration of Win 7, 8, 10 or Server 2008, 2012, 2016

➢     Providing login permissions and NTFS permissions to users and Groups.

➢     Manage & Add Server on Visionapp Remote Desktop 2011

➢     Created and Managed User Accounts, Log Management, Shared Folders etc.