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I started my own start-up MDATA FINNOVATICS in 2019, where we possess in-depth knowledge of business Intelligence, Data Automation, and Data Analytics. We collaborate with businesses to simplify their processes and make their jobs easier. We collaborate closely with top management to assist them in delivering dashboards for decision-making. Assist clients by providing consulting on work-related issues.

Why are we the best?

✔ 11+ years of extensive industry experience

✔ 800+ completed projects

✔ 40+ country client base

✔ 100% client satisfaction

✔ 99% of projects delivered in 2 days.

What can we do?

◼ Advanced Excel Consulting

◼ VBA (Macros) Automation

◼ Create Power BI Dashboard/Visualization

◼ Advanced Excel Corporate Training

◼ Create an Excel Dashboard

◼ Data Analytics

Connect us so that we can explore the possibilities and deliver the best for you.

Project Details
Title :Feed Budget Report
Duration :1
role and responsibileties :

Post-Implementation: To solve the problem, we have done the automation in excel which have the following features:

  • We have developed an Excel tool in which the user is required to enter the data in only a single sheet, and all the required reports are automatically generated with the click of a button.
  • The tool is dynamic in the sense that if the user wants to add or delete any new or existing feeds in the library sheet, those changes would be reflected in the other Ration reports in the appropriate manner.
  • The reports will indicate in which month there is a shortage or surplus in the feed based on the number of cattle that were counted.
  • We have included a button that, when clicked, enables the user to hide the blank rows that are not currently being used.


  • Time and Cost Saving: There will be no manual efforts; the reports will be generated automatically, saving both time and money.
  • Multiple Reports: Instead of working on one report at a time, multiple reports will be generated at once.
  • Get alert for Surplus and Deficit Feed: This Microsoft Excel tool alerts the user when there is a feed deficit or surplus for specific cows.
Description :

Pre-Implementation: Dairy cattle farming is one of the best agricultural businesses in Australia. The client has 9 different types of cows. The client was manually entering data into different excel sheets, updating formulas manually when new data entered, calculating monthly feeds, and many other tasks. This was consuming a lot of time and causing errors because a lot of manual activities were required. The client has all the data, but it is in an unstructured format. As a result, he has no idea how to manage this information, which comes from various excel files. The client is trying to figure out the number of animals (cows) that must be fed, the monthly feed demand for each animal, the total feed surplus or deficit each month, and the milk production/growth targets.

Duration :1
role and responsibileties :

Post implementation: We have developed an automated excel file in which the client simply needs to click on a button for all customers' quotation copies to be generated and stored in a particular folder in PDF format (Shown image is the sample of the quotation PDF format). The automation programme sent an email to the selected customers with a copy of their quotation attached, and the email was automatically triggered. The entire procedure takes less than a minute, whereas in the past he was spending a significant amount of time daily.



  • Prepare all quotations in less 15 seconds.
  • Emails are sent automatically. Clients receive quotations on time.
  • Accurate Results
  • Saves Time and Money
Description :

Pre-Implementation: The goal is to automatically generate bulk quotations in pdf format based on the data in the Excel file and share the quotation with their respective customers.

The client opens the excel file, enters each customer's information such as name, address, GST number, PAN number, date, project description, and so on into the predefined quotation template, and then creates and saves a copy in PDF format. He then emailed a copy of the quotation to each customer. He goes through the same process for multiple customers every day, which is a monotonous and time-consuming task.

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