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Key Skills
DevOpsAWSJenkinsGit or SVN



Project1:May 2020–Present


Project                               :WellsFargo(WiproTechnologies)

Technology                    :Python,Jenkins,AntandMaven,Ansible,Docker,Kubernetes.

CloudServices                  :EC2,VPC,RDS,AmazonS3,Etc...


Database                           :PostgreSQL

ApplicationServer           :Apache Tomcat7 Server

Designation                      :DevOps Engineer




WellsFargo providesbanking,investmentandmortgageproductsandservices,aswellasconsumer and commercial finance through more than 7,200 locations, more than 13,000 ATMs, theinternet(wellsfargo.com),andmobilebankingandhasofficesin31countries




v Creating branches and tags on Git repository and provided braches access permission to devteam.

v Responsible fortaggingandmaintaincode onversioncontrolGIT.

v Responsible forcreatingBuildsandDeploymentsPlanes.

v CreatingWar/EarfilesusingAntandMaven.

v ProvisiontheInfrastructure usingAWScloudservicesanddeploythe applications.



Port mappingofcontainersforwebaccess.

Configureandinstallrequiredpackageson remoteserverwithAnsible.

Automatethe DBbackupsandServerfilesystembackups.



Setupand managedsecuritygroups,VPC’specifictoenvironment.



v AutomatedStaticCode AnalysistoolSonartothebuildprocesstovalidatethe codeagainstthecodingGuidelinesandpublishedthereports.

v Responsible for taking the source code and compiling using ANT and package it in itsdistributableformat,suchasaJar,War,Ear.

v PerformBuildactivitiesusing MavenandJenkinstool.

v PerformDeploymentofWarfilesinTomcatapplicationserversusingShellscripts.

v Automatethe buildProcessUsingJenkinsjobs.

v UploadBuildartifactsintoAmazonS3location.

v WorkedonJenkinstooltoconfigureNightlyBuildstochecksanityofourjavasourcecode.

v Troubleshootingapplicationrelatedissuesbylogverification.

v Planninganddocumentationoftherequirements.

v Wrote ShellscriptsfordoingDeploymentandtaketheGitrepositorybackups.

v Sendingdaily,weeklyextractstocustomers.

v Takingweeklyback-upslikeJenkinshomedirectory.

v DesignandcreateautomatedBuildandDeploymentprocess.

v CreatedandlaunchedDevOpsapplicationinDocker.

v CreatedandmaintainedclustersforDockerApplicationsbyusingKubernetes.

Project Details
Duration :24
role and responsibileties :

* Creating branches and tags on Git repository and provided branches access permission to dev team.
* Responsible for tagging and maintain code on version control Git.
* Responsible for creating Builds and Deployments Planes.
Creating War / Ear files using Ant and Maven.
Provision the Infrastructure using AWS cloud services and deploy the applications.
Build the Docker images with APP and DB packages.
Make required changes and test the containers.
Port mapping of containers for web access.
Configure and install required packages on remote server with Ansible. 
Automate the DB backups and Server filesystem backups.
Setup and attached EBS volumes to Ec2 instances
Setup and configured EIP to ec2 instances.
Setup and managed security groups, VPC specific to environment.
Setup and managed backup and recovery using snapshot 
Created AMI images of critical ec2 instances as backup
Automated Static Code Analysis tool Sonar to the build process to validate the code against the coding Guidelines and published the reports.
Responsible for taking the source code and compiling using ANT and package it in its distributable format, such as a Jar, War, Ear..
Perform Build activities using Maven and Jenkins tool.
Perform Deployment of War files in Tomcat application servers using Shell scripts.
Automate the build Process Using Jenkins jobs.
Upload Build artifacts in to Amazon S3 location.
Worked on Jenkins tool to configure Nightly Builds to check sanity of our java source code.
Troubleshooting application related issues by log verification.
Planning and documentation of the requirements.
Wrote Shell scripts for doing Deployment and take the Git repository backups.
Sending daily, weekly extracts to customers.
Taking weekly back-ups like Jenkins home directory.
Design and create automated Build and Deployment process.
Created and launched DevOps application in Docker.
Created and maintained clusters for Docker Applications by using Kubernetes.....

Description :

Wells Fargo provides banking investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance through more than 7200 locations more than 13000  ATMS the internet (wellfargo.com)and mobile and has office in 31 countries...

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