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Work from Home -The problem suggest the solution !

Work from Home -The problem suggest the solution !
May 28, 2020

George Soros very clearly said, "The worse a situation becomes, the less it takes to turn it around, the bigger the upside." Work from Home has become a new normal now.


The novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 has hit us all very brutally and has affected our lives in all aspects. We all are facing issues because of the pandemic going around the world. A deadly infectious virus has taken lives that are difficult to count. We all are kept under quarantine to protect ourselves from the virus. Lockdowns imposed by governments have forced many companies to close and layoff their staff. Emerging markets and developing counties would be the hardest hit requiring hundreds of billions of dollars. The question that arises here is how or when will the Corona Crises end and how exactly it may change our working lifestyle?


Even if some organizations cooperate with minimal risk there will be an exception they provide virus-free workplaces. As a result Freelancers & Work from home is the most suitable option for now. Staggered shifts, enforced flextime and 24/7 operations may become the norm with working remotely. For Americans the economic impact of the virus has led to the new categorization of essential workers, a large scale move to remote work and skyrocketing unemployment that is expected to continue increasing. Work in an office could become a status symbol. With more people working remotely, companies may open regional hubs or provide access to co-working spaces rather than having the majority of their workforce at a central office.


If working remotely becomes a norm, then home office stipends could become a common workplace perk. This remote flexibility will also allow companies to save money on the overhead cost of running these massive facilities. Independent workers will have more opportunities like never before and to get Freelance work or remote work may require more open platforms or free websites with reduced restrictions unlike upowork.com, freelancer.com or fiverr.com.


As the spread of Corona Virus or COVID 19 forces companies as large as Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter to ask employees to work from home, remote work is quickly becoming the global new normal for a massive number of workers. Also, there are chances of increased demand to close the digital divide. With offices remaining closed, one silver lining in this situation is that more government officials will see the need to increase broadband infrastructure, especially if remote work becomes a more common option for employees. 


There is also a fear that job-stealing robots will replace automation and the job of workers. Because of social distancing measures, many organizations have been forced to find ways to operate with as few employees physically present as possible. 


Buffer, MeetEdgar, Skill Crush, Remote.Co, Attify, etc are some of the companies that hire Freelancers & remote workers and provide them with a coworking stipend. Studies show that 77% of remote workers show greater productivity in part because they deal with fewer distractions. The rise in the number of remote workers is up exponentially in the last few years showing the positive results of the companies. 


COVID 19 has surely changed the way we work. Each state has different geographies, different resources and different political and policy environments. But with the right programs and funding in places, every place can provide its residents with equal access to work remotely in the future. Freelance work, remote work, gig work and work from home will be the new for resourcing terminologies.


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