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Remote Working – A New Normal in Covid19 Crises

Remote Working – A New  Normal in Covid19 Crises
July 02, 2020

The novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 has hit us all very brutally and has affected our lives in all aspects. We all are facing issues because of the pandemic going around the world. A deadly infectious virus has taken lives that's difficult to count. Working from home doesn't mean you loose the sense of professionalism. It means you have to create a work environment to become more productive than ever. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a worldwide experiment in remote working as employees across the world are forced to self isolate. The question that arises is that will workers return to the office in masses or will working from home become the new normal?


Remote working also known as Telecommuting has been on the rise for decades. The growing trend of employees who don't walk into a traditional office everyday but instead opt to work remotely or full time from home or abroad is called Remote working. Also, there's a high probability of Remote being the future. 

There was a time when India wasn't caught up in the game of having remote jobs but the current researches suggest that 58% of the office goers in India work from home atleast once in a week. Workers have also admitted that if given a chance they would choose to work from home atleast two days in a week. 

Employers in India today are constantly looking to adopt remote work policies in order to bring in and keep the best talent. By working remotely, workers in India get to have global exposure, earn more money and also achieve the work-life balance they crave for. 


There now exists several factors that hires remotely in India. Copywriting, proofreading, business process management, digital marketing etc are some of them.  

HGS, Attify, Envyus Media etc are some of the popular companies that hire remote workers. Studies show that 77% of remote workers show greater productivity in part because they deal with fewer distractions. The rise in the number of remote workers is up exponentially in the last few years showing the positive results of the companies. Also, because more and more millennials say that they are more interested in companies that offer some kind of remote work.


Not all employees are able to carry out their jobs away from their place of work but for those who can, remote working offers a variety of benefits both for staff and employees. This includes greater flexibility, reduced commuting, higher staff retention and even increased productivity. 


Forbes explained it's the implication on people saying that Remote Working is the new normal. With people working under lockdown, the number of workers having to telecommunicate suddenly skyrocketed and went from a 20% remote workforce to over 85% almost overnight. This crash course on remote working has help companies deploy technologies, develop policies, learn best practices and breakdown the taboo to lay the foundation for a long term change.


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