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IT Startup Goals

IT Startup Goals
May 21, 2021


A lead from traditional hiring to open business model

The year 2020 and 2021 has shown many start-ups newer ways to leverage the open business model and one such model is freelancing services. The same model which was pre-existing but it was considered as a non-reliable working scenario. However it has proven as a boon for the IT start-ups as freelancers and start-ups could help each other in growing the business and bringing mutual prospects, by defining the development of the software, in a better way such as cost, time, and quality. The niche content and the freelancer’s expertise could help start-ups ease fears associated with developments and markets, with the knack to rapidly address market issues. This requires a long term relationship between the freelancers and the start-ups simply based on trust, and fruitful agreements form both the sides. The fresh pool of skilled freelancers is not only cost-effective for the business but they bring innovation and have the courage to go out of the box which is difficult to achieve by an in-house team.


What’s the Statistics Behind?

The world has seen a drastic economic fallout due to the pandemic and this is the reason behind many losing their jobs and shifting towards freelancing projects to sustain. On a global scale, India represents the 2nd largest freelance workforce after the US and the stats says there are over 15 million people working autonomously majorly in IT and programming and in other sectors. By 2021, 50% of our skilled workforce are expected to go freelance.


What do start-ups expect from the recent trend? Let's talk.

It is inevitable that flexible hiring is a great cost saving aspect but what matters most here is that they get the distributed expertise from the pool of flexible talent.

Result Oriented Approach

10x Saved over recruitment process

>2 Weeks to find and work with skilled workforce

Infinite Specialized virtual experts across the globe

In-build user base to market the high value content generation and software development


Nothing is as easy as engaging flexible experts worldwide

The IT Start-ups with limited budget can swiftly adopt the freelancers into their projects and upscale the company portfolio in a global market. By this shift they can foster innovation, save on office setup and can make a remote team to be associated for a long time. All this can happen with good sourcing of hybrid teams and with agreement which is beneficial for both. 

Increase in user base at a great saving

Companies who are struggling to sustain the market uncertainty can increase their user database with a minimum investment by involving the freelancers directly to their business setup. They can help them 10x more to create a basic level of exposure through a niche content which is difficult to achieve by traditional ways. Virtual experts are quick and they are willing to take risks to achieve their objectives and this can be useful for the entrepreneurs.

Lesser time to source the talent

If we present the facts why start-ups should hire freelancers apart from the reason which gives us a breeze is the time factor. Traditional hiring process is time consuming and we end up hiring someone who is not up to the mark. Whereas hiring a freelancer is not challenging based on their portfolio you can provide them work without any added formalities. Also it takes a week to source a flexible employee however it may take a month to source a full time employee.


The ultimate role of virtual experts

●    Knowledge database: It is quite imperative to know that freelancers are actually a knowledge base for many startup companies as the virtual experts are not only experienced in their field but they also possess vast industry know-how and they come up with creative ideas or implement new ideas to solve complex software engineering problems.

●    Managing remote team: Virtual experts are also part of many big companies apart from their in-house team. Companies prefer freelance expertise to solve complex software challenges. Startup’s on the other hand face many challenges while dealing with the freelancers as they don’t have any specific guidelines to manage a remote team.

●    Real time tracking: Freelancers are quick to respond to any problems and can be tracked on a real time basis. Even though it is not easy to monitor them always but with proper communication one can easily get the desired output. As startup’s are not quite aware of the changing market trends freelancers can be a boon for them to get the insights easily.


What should be the freelancing strategies applied by the startups?

To hit the bullseye for any startups is to maximize the power of crowdsourcing for outsourcing the task to the freelance experts.

Task based strategy: Startup’s can grow and sustain easily by making a task based strategy by helping both the parties to grow with possible expertise.

Advantage of Crowdsourcing: There are higher chances of limiting the crowdsourcing based freelancing strategy initially, but as the condition improves, it will be a promising opportunity for the same. Crowdsourcing helps to foster innovative ideas and creates a pool of talented freelancers with minimum resources.

Strong networking: The biggest advantage of having a freelancer on board is leveraging their strong professional network. They bring along creativity and play a vital role in shaping the brand on a stipulated time frame.


The opportunity is huge with the workforce as a service (WaaS) and so are the challenges associated with the same. As the market is adaptive towards the current shift of remote working the future possibilities are high that many small scale companies can sustain and make profit with the help of virtual experts.

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