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How to Get International Software Projects?

How to Get International Software Projects?
October 14, 2021

Whether you're a company or a freelancer, your main goal is to get more and more clients and freelancing projects. In 2020-21, this will be especially true for freelance web designers and freelance web developer firms and professionals. Everyone prefers overseas projects since they generate more revenue than domestic projects.


Getting a steady stream of customers isn't a significant concern for a well-known brand, but it is for those gig workers who are just getting started and have a long way to go. At this point, their primary concern is "How do I attract more clients or software projects," which is very understandable. You and your company will not be able to grow if you do not have clients.

But believe us when we tell you that you can get more clients banging on your door with a little effort. And this article will show you how to do it. In 2021, we've compiled a list of techniques to assist you in getting more software development or web design projects around the world.


Cover the basics

By essentials, we mean to create a respectable web portfolio that can authenticate you, your firm, and your experience before looking for clients. Because it's not only you who'll be looking for information about your company; your potential clients will be as well. To make a good first impression, it would be preferable to have everything in place and in order.


Create a website:

A website is essential for building a company's credibility. It gives you the chance to tell people who you are, what you do, and how they may contact you.


You only need to construct Home, About, Services, and Contact web pages to get started. You can, of course, add more later. How well you manage your website will be used to assess the quality of your job. Consequently, make sure your website is clean, user-friendly, appealing to the eye, informative, and, most importantly, memorable. All a client needs to choose you over the competition is that.


Be active on social media platforms:

Your social media accounts are the next location where potential clients will look for you. They're counting on you to show up, so show up! We don't need to tell you about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other prominent social media platforms. We know you've already arrived.


Choose the social media channels where your ideal customers congregate. For every social media account, you should have your logo or photo, a description, and contact information, and you should keep them current. Make an extra effort with your LinkedIn profile as well. The greatest way to advertise oneself as a professional is to use your LinkedIn page.


Create extraordinary content

Only by including relevant, entertaining, and shareable material relating to your specialty can your digital assets become assets. Content that demonstrates your knowledge and sets you apart from the competition. So, what are your options? In fact, a great deal in 2021!


You have the option of writing short, medium, or long blogs. However, write whatever comes naturally to you. You can make tutorials or movies with tips and tricks. Infographics, flowcharts, presentations, podcasts, and other types of content can be created. You can even make humorous technical memes.

You can share your information in any format you like, as long as it is of excellent quality. It should be shared on your website and social media sites. This will assist you in establishing your brand and attracting more customers.


Aim for one specific market

If you don't want to go where everyone else is going, don't. Go for a certain specialty! Concentrate on a single technology or a single, less competitive market.


If you are one of the few people in your area who understands Apple's Swift programming language, you will undoubtedly be able to attract a large number of clients looking for the same technology. The number may be small, but you can boost the price because the number of service providers is small. Right!

Also, keep studying new technology to stay ahead of the curve.


Stay active on LinkedIn

Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn can assist you in meeting new clients. Daily status updates should be posted. You are presented to their connections when they like, share, or comment on your postings, and this is how you can expand your network in 2021.


Continue to seek out and interact with people or influencers in your field.

You can also look for groups that are related to your sector and start participating in the discussions. Make sure you contribute to the group's success. Maintain your consistency. You can start sharing your brand's content and developing credibility once you've established a name for yourself by engaging with the community. You might also want to explore starting your own group.



Temp work agencies that are happy and satisfied might be excellent sources of additional work for you. Make it a point to inform your existing clients that you are hunting for new clients.

Request that they publicize your name and connect you with people or businesses in their network who might benefit from your services. That isn't much to ask! What can you offer them in exchange? Discounts, free templates, free services, or little gifts are all options!


Brand building

Investing in the brand building allows you to stay ahead of the competition. Make use of Google listings to promote your business for free. Make sure your work is always of excellent quality and that it reaches your intended audience.

You can work with other brands to assist you in marketing your freelancing website on the internet. The most extensively utilized websites for branding are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


Do excellent work for every client.

The greatest strategy to grow your freelance business is to provide exceptional service to every client you have. Put your whole heart and soul into every project you take under your cover, no matter how big or tiny it is.


With swift reaction times and turnarounds, provide unrivaled customer service. Every issue, email, or phone call should be followed up on right away. If you make every client satisfied, you'll get a lot of referrals.


Invest in SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the smartest approaches to get Google's organic traffic without spending a lot of money. If you have a good reputation on Google, you will attract an increasing number of customers.

If you want to receive online software projects from other countries, you'll need global awareness, which can help you get by drawing more and more customers to your digital nomad website.


Consult growth experts

Large projects from outside the country rarely come in because you aren't focused on the correct technology, processes, and action plans. If you really want to learn how to get software projects from other countries, you must be willing to look within your organization and discover management, team, and growth bottlenecks.


Speaking with company growth specialists can help you gain the insights you need to accelerate your growth and increase your international sales. This is crucial whether you want to get software projects online or offline.


Contribute to open-source projects

Contributing to open-source projects comes with a plethora of benefits and opportunities.

You not only get to exercise your programming talents, but you also get to learn from more experienced developers. Being involved in open source projects can help you form vital relationships with other freelancers and project leaders in your field, which can increase your chances of landing work.


Join Facebook groups

Nobody can deny Facebook's immense power and reach. It's enormous! Look for "small business" or "entrepreneur" groups on Facebook to expand your network in your city or state. Make a list of as many groupings as you can.


Once you've arrived, inquire about upcoming networking events in the area. Participate in the activities. Make friends with other independent contractors. And gradually, people will become aware of your existence. Share your knowledge with them, offer assistance, and make yourself available to them. You'll not only expand your network, but you'll also have a better chance of landing a new job.

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